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Lehi politicians and state leaders urge DeSantis to explore 2024 Presidential run



Members of the Utah State Senate and other local political leaders released a letter on Monday urging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to form an exploratory committee to run for President in 2024. 

“Our nation stands at a crossroads. We recognize the need for a strong leader to guide and direct our nation, someone with a proven track record and a strong conservative foundation who understands the operations of state government. We need a leader who will strengthen and unify the nation. Gov. Ron DeSantis serves his country and state well and skillfully navigated the many challenges Florida faced during his first term,” the letter reads.

Local leaders who also signed the letter include State Senator Jake Anderegg, House Representative Kay Christofferson, Lehi Mayor Mark Johnson, Lehi City Councilman Paul Hancock, Lehi City Councilman Chris Condie, Utah County Commissioner Amelia P Gardner, Utah County Commissioner-Elect Brandon Gordon, Utah County Clerk Josh Daniels and Utah County Auditor-Elect Rod Mann. 

The complete list of 86 Utah politicians who signed the letter includes: 

State Auditor John Dougall
Sen. Todd Weiler
Sen. Scott Sandall
Sen. Mike McKell
Sen. Mike Kennedy
Sen. Lincoln Fillmore
Sen. Kirk Cullimore
Sen. Jake Anderegg
Sen. Evan Vickers
Sen. Derrin Owens
Sen. Daniel McCay
Sen. Curtis Bramble
Rep. Tom Hawkes
Rep. Susan Pulsipher
Rep. Ryan D. Wilcox
Rep. Robert Spendlove
Rep. Raymond Ward
Rep. Paul Cutler
Rep. Mike Schultz
Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard
Rep. Marsha Judkins
Rep. Keven J Stratton
Rep. Kera Birkeland
Rep. Ken Ivory
Rep. Kay Christofferson
Rep. Karianne Lisonbee
Rep. Karen Peterson
Rep. Jordan Teuscher
Rep. Jon Hawkins
Rep. Jefferson Moss
Rep. Jefferson Burton
Rep. Elect Stephanie Gricius
Rep. Doug Welton
Rep. Dan Johnson
Rep. Colin Jack
Rep. Christine Watkins
Rep. Casey Snider
Rep. Candace Pierucci
Rep. Brady Brammer
Rep. Walt Brooks
Mayor Trent Staggs
Mayor Tamara Tran
Mayor Mike Mendenhall
Mayor Mark Johnson
Mayor Lorin Palmer
Mayor Kendalyn Harris
Mayor Julie Fullmer
Mayor Dawn Ramsey
Mayor Brian J. Horrocks
Mayor Bill Wright
County Clerk Josh Daniels
County Auditor Elect Rod Mann
Councilmember Todd Williams
Councilmember Troy McDougal
Councilmember Terry D Peterson
Councilmember Tawnee McCay
Councilmember Tamara Zander
Councilmember Stacy Beck
Councilmember Sheldon Stewart
Councilmember Seth Sorensen
Councilmember Scott L Smith
Councilmember Richard Higginson
Councilmember Paul Hancock
Councilmember Michael Green
Councilmember Mark Hales
Councilmember Laurie Stringham
Councilmember Kevin Oyler
Councilmember Kari Malkovich
Councilmember Jesse Bell
Councilmember Gina Worthen
Councilmember Don Shelton
Councilmember Dea Theodore
Councilmember Dave Erickson
Councilmember Dave Alvord
Councilmember Clint Morris
Councilmember Claude Wells
Councilmember Chris Condie
Councilmember Cal Roberts
Councilmember Bradley G. Marlor
Councilmember Ben Hillyard
Councilmember Aimee Winder Newton
Commissioner Randy B. Elliott
Commissioner-Elect Brandon Gordon
Commissioner Amelia Powers Gardner
Clerk/Auditor Jess Bradfield
Auditor Chris Harding

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