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5 Common Solar System Designing Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners



Solar power has had an annual growth rate of 33% per annum since the year 2000. With lowering panel costs and increased efficiency, it is now a viable energy source for residential homes. So how do you avoid wasting money when creating a new system?

Luckily, there are a few tips that can help. Read on as we give our five must-know solar system designing mistakes.

1. Confusing Grid and Off-Grid

There are two methods of solar system setup. Grid-tiered is the one most commonly used in urban developments. They are systems close to the main power grid, so any excess power produced can go back into it or they can draw power when a deficit occurs. 

Off-grid systems are not connected to the main grid. They do not have anywhere to draw backup power. Batteries will be required to store energy and a generator will need to be present to draw on if extra power is needed. 

2. Wrong Sized Residential Solar System

When working out your solar system budget and the money it can save, you may start to match up usage with output. However, this is not the full picture. Power conservation, hours of sun, and alternative energy sources can all play a part. 

Many companies will predict your required size on what you need to run everything in the household on the days with the least sun. However, most people don’t need this. Real savings come by getting a smaller, useful system and adapting your personal energy usage. 

3. Installing in Partial Shade

Solar panels connect in a string, with one link attaching to the next. Imagine this happening with a chain of lights. When one bulb gets blown, the others stop working. 


This can happen with solar panels. If one is in the partial shade it limits the power the string can deliver. Even if the other panels are in direct sunlight they will not be as useful. 

4. Not Planning Ahead

When installing solar panels, think about how your needs may change over the coming years. You may plan to have a family or build extensions. All of these can increase the power you need in the home. 

Speak with your chosen installer about this. They may be able to advise a bigger system that allows for growth. Some are even expandable, so they might be able to recommend you one of these. 

5. Not Shopping Around

Installing solar panels is now a competitive business. This means that people will be more than willing to offer you the best price to get your business. You just have to shop around for it. 

Make sure you only go for companies that have good ratings and testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask if they can price match other offers you have had. If you want to know the true cost of solar then check out

Solar System Designing Mistakes

Now you know these solar system designing mistakes, you can plan your new project. Search for experts in the local area who can do installations. Do your research and get several quotes. 

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From solar installation to DIY we can help manage your property this year. 

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