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Local Utah Marketing

It’s impossible to make a mistake working with Copperlight, thanks to our combined experience of more than 80 years, our exceptional staff, and Utah’s best local marketing strategies. We’re More Than A Utah Marketing Agency; We’re A Trend-Setter.

Search Engine Marketing

Want rapid results? Investing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) may provide immediate, excellent results. Often dubbed PPC or Google Ads, SEM includes competing for ad space on search engines (like Google and Bing) (like Google and Bing).

Marketing on Social Networks

You may publish to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest and we’ll make sure it’s optimized with relevant hashtags and interesting content to drive more traffic and interest in your business.

Creating and Distributing Original Content

Blogs, emails, or other material are fantastic sources of valuable information that speaks to your passion and voice. With our team of outstanding writers, your content will engage, inspire, and make a statement.

Optimization of the Rate of Conversion

Improved consumer insights, improved scalability, enhanced user experience, and more, drive our approach that leads to a higher proportion of your website traffic, with the ultimate aim of conversion.

Using the Power of Electronic Mail

Get your future and present consumers on-board and in the loop with email marketing. Increase customer loyalty and brand recognition by sending advertisements, soliciting new business, or requesting contributions.

Local SEO

Propel your firm to the top of search engines with proven search engine marketing that combines local optimization and monetization. The use of popular keywords in your content may help your business rise in search engine results. ​

Experience the Copperlight difference

With over 25 years of local marketing experience, Copperlight can also complement your digital strategy with traditional marketing campaigns including local television, radio, outdoor (billboards), or print and direct mail services.

You may rely on our agency’s integrity, which includes transparency, openness, and, above all, results. Your uniqueness is derived from the uniqueness of your vision, mission, enthusiasm, and voice. Let’s Work Together To Make Your Dreams A Reality.

Between Salt Lake City and the Silicon Slopes, you’ll find Copperlight, a full-service digital marketing business. A unique agency has been developed by our team of innovative thinkers and creatives since 1999. Besides SEO, PPC, and paid social, we design and construct award-winning sites as part of all we do in digital marketing. The original content and ground-breaking techniques developed by our team will help you quickly reach your intended audience.

Digital displays have become the go-to place for those seeking a connection. Whether it’s via a 30-second video clip on Instagram, a website, or a product that appeals to them, these relationships are driving the global economy. Get your game face on because the moment has come for you to do so.

Our digital marketing services help you attract quality traffic to your website and develop true connections with your consumers so they feel a connection again and time again. These ties will boost the life of your company while providing real-time outcomes

Every digital marketing business understands that you have to dream big to be large. But people frequently forget that you have to think local to be visible. We’ve observed that most clients browse online for companies near them. It’s not only that our work is recognized throughout the world; it also brings local people to your website. Our focus on local advertising is the most efficient approach to boost your return on investment and expand the scope of your customer base.

Whether you take advantage of organic or paid social media, sponsored search, or SEO, our skilled digital marketers can discover the best solution for your company within your budget.

Working on a limited budget is our bread and butter.

Using cutting-edge digital marketing tactics, Copperlight’s digital marketing experts can tailor your campaign to match any budget while still delivering results.

We, too, are a small company, so we understand the importance of income in the long run.

As a Utah marketing firm, we’re happy to have our Lehi office situated near two prominent Utah institutions, down the road from Silicon Slopes, and near a spectacular view of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Digital marketing and Utah are two of our most ardent interests.

When it comes to digital marketing, we deal with customers from all over the country, but servicing our own state of Utah is something we look forward to doing specifically. Emails, phone conversations, and Zoom meetings are excellent, but there’s nothing quite like being able to spend real, in-person time with our local customers at the office, out at lunch, or on the golf course, to help create a better connection.

The Utah-based Copperlight Agency specializes in new-age marketing strategies to help firms make the most of their resources. For each and every one of our marketing strategies, our award-winning team includes a member who is incredibly skilled. Whether it is to develop your brand’s digital presence in an assertive style or to construct a robust funnel where sales take place in progressive consistency, we are all-in.

Most firms fall short of their full potential due to a lack of marketing and advertising expense intelligence. As a rapidly developing digital and conventional marketing business, Copperlight relies on data-scientific insight. We can both save money and be creative with this strategy.

Businesses prefer working with the Copperlight in Utah because of the enormous effect we generate with optimal budgets. After all, what is the use of a marketing campaign if a firm gets $10,000 in sales with a $20,000 budget? That would be absurd.

A number of Copperlight’s customers are looking for a whole suite of data-optimized marketing services, including everything from video production to SEO to content creation to social media marketing to pay-per-click advertising to email marketing. Besides, we recognize the effect of video advertising and so, we develop amazing commercials as well.

Each industry has its own enterprises, each with its own set of objectives. Copperlight knows and embraces this truth. We have a chance to have a lasting influence on the economy of Utah by using the expertise of our world-class team.

As your local Utah digital marketing firm, we know where to find you and you know where you can find us. We know the region and we can take advantage of it to draw acute insights into the Utah market. As a tiny Utah marketing business, we’re aware with the obstacles of local growth and how to address them. As such, we can also help you stand out as a local brand and build on the specific relationship you have with your audience.

It’s simple to locate additional digital marketing businesses in Utah. It’s even easier to uncover more digital marketing businesses in the Thanksgiving Point region. As one of Utah’s longest-running providers of local news, our combined knowledge in the Utah region sets Copperlight apart from other agencies.

We take pride in our accessibility and in our regional expertise, and we’re excited to use these assets to help a local company thrive.

Now that you know about us, we can help you stand out as a local Utah company since we’re a local Utah digital marketing firm. We have the technological know-how and the expertise to know how to resonate as a firm in this amazing state. Request a free consultation with us now and let us show you how far a local digital marketing agency’s reach can spread.