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Kennyisms: Strength training for youth…is it safe?



Years ago, many people thought strength training for youth and teenagers was not safe. I’m here to assure you, many studies have been conducted with no concrete evidence to show that weight lifting does harm to youth. I’m a believer in “all things in moderation,” including strength training for kids.

In strength training, kids need supervision by experienced adults and should not be encouraged to lift extreme amounts of weight because their bones are still developing. There are many wonderful benefits to weight training for youth. Lifting their own body weight, or lighter weights with repetition can improve muscle endurance and strength dramatically. Almost all relatively healthy people can enjoy benefits from strength training, or “lifting.”  

Other benefits include increased confidence. It’s so great to know you can perform basic tasks in life with ease. Strength training makes chores easier, from putting groceries in the car, to changing a tire, to mowing the lawn. Other benefits include increased stamina, better coordination, and improved balance.

I often speak to youth groups in schools. The thing I talk about most often are the benefits of “getting moving.”  Kids need so spend time outside to be healthy. It’s just good for the soul! Also, remember strength training can occur outside a gym. Any activity where kids are lifting, pushing, running, or hiking is working and improving the muscles. Kids will reap benefits, both physically and emotionally, by moving more!

Kenny Knight is the owner of Rage Fitness in Lehi. He can be reached at (801) 358-2089, or

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