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Lehi woman feels flag change dishonors Utah history



 Dear Editor,

There is a currently a push in the Utah State Legislature to replace our state flag. Senate Bill 48 would create a nine-member task force to decide whether Utah should adopt a new state flag.

I am opposed to changing our state flag. While I feel that time and money spent on new flags could be better spent on many pressing issues, my main objection is that changing the flag would dishonor the history of our state. I encourage our lawmakers and citizens to learn about the symbols on our state flag and how this historic flag honors our history.

The bald eagle on the flag symbolizes Utah’s loyalty to the United States as well as protection in peace and war. The state flower, the Sego Lily, is depicted as a reminder that settlers ate the roots to survive harsh Utah winters. A beehive is included to depict “industry,” the state’s motto. There are two United States flags on either side of a shield, which represent 1847, the year the pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley and 1896, the year Utah became the 45th state of the union. The six arrows depict Utah’s six Native American tribes: Shoshone, Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Northern Utes, and White Mesa Utes.

I am member of the International Daughters of Utah Pioneers. We hold monthly meetings and at each meeting the daughters stand and repeat a pledge to the Utah flag. There have been other efforts to change or simplify the state flag and the Daughters of Utah Pioneers have protested the changes each time. The organization wants to preserve beauty, symbolism and history portrayed in the flag. For years, the Daughters of Utah Pioneers have promoted having the flag displayed at schools and public buildings so the history of our state can be told to everyone.

I encourage everyone, and particularly all Daughters of Utah Pioneers, to contact their representatives in our legislature and ask them to keep our current flag and preserve this piece of history.

Kathleen Lott 


Lehi, Utah

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