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Opinion: Lehi…it’s great to see your face



After months of being “socially distanced” and only seeing half of everyone’s face, the last few days have been a joy. 

My family went to brunch this morning at The Original Pancake House in Traverse Mountain, and what a pleasant surprise to see the welcoming and smiling faces of the hostess, waitresses and cook. We were able to sense our server’s body language that conveyed a happy and willing attitude. It just felt right. 

Later this afternoon, I needed to ship something at the Lehi Post Office. I walked into the lobby I know all too well, unmasked, and was greeted with a smile by the friendly postal workers. I went up to the counter and could actually see and hear clearly, without trying to understand muffled talk behind a mask. It just felt right.

To conclude my errands for the day, I stopped by Kohler’s for a few grocery items. The always pleasant hometown store was bustling with employees and customers going about their everyday shopping. I went down aisles and passed other patrons, who smiled and gave a customary hello head nod. It just felt right. 

Today was a needed day. I always knew our great City would get back to normal and away from the conditioned feeling of being apart, but today I could sense that we are on our way back. It just felt right.

Lehi, it’s great to see your face! 

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