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The Road of Life



cartoonist for hire Jonathan Brown

When driving down the road of life
you have to meet a little strife;
but when the price of gas explodes
you can’t afford those handy roads!

Instead you stay at home and sulk
or as pedestrian go skulk
on sidewalks, paths, in alleyways —
muttering of ‘end of days.’

A bicycle will melt some fat —
if you can be an acrobat.
Or try a skateboard, gnarly dude,
if you have got the fortitude.

Public transport would be nice
if buses smelled like edelweiss.
And trains showed up on time, you know;
instead of running awful slow.

A horse might do the trick, by Jove!
But then, it costs a treasure trove
to feed it in a stable where
they cater to the millionaire.

If I had wings, O how I’d soar
these holidays like pterosaur!
Back to the family manse I’d flit
around the Xmas tree to sit,
cracking nuts and singing Yule 
instead of feeling like a fool
by bumming rides with Uncle Fred
who drives his car like some bobsled.


But who am I to so complain,
about gas prices inhumane?
I’ll drive my car but once a year,
and travel just for Xmas cheer!

Tim T.

Cartoonist for hire Jonathan Brown
Content marketer Tim Torkildson

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