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Comcast provides boost to Tech-Moms, helping Utah women



The most recent graduates of Tech-Moms, which just received a major cash and in-kind donation from Comcast, are trained in coding, cyber security and data science.

Tech-Moms, a nonprofit organization helping Utah women transition into careers in the state’s growing IT field, received a major endorsement from Comcast, which is its 2022 Title Sponsor for Tech-Moms technical training program. 

Having donated $15,000 in support in 2021 to Tech-Moms, Comcast is backing Tech-Moms by providing $42,000 in cash and in-kind to support for continual training of women in coding, cyber security, and data science.

“The contributions women make in Utah are remarkable,” said Deneiva Knight, Director of External Affairs at Comcast. “That’s a primary reason we are partnering with Tech-Moms. We want to help provide women with the opportunity to build skills, knowledge, and the professional network they need to transition into or re-enter a career in tech.”

This announcement coincides with March’s National Women’s History Month, which honors women who quietly and profoundly influence society, culture, families, and communities. 

“We’re impressed that Tech-Moms has intentionally focused on helping women transition into tech careers and find successful employment,” said Knight.

With Comcast’s title sponsorship, Tech-Moms can better introduce women to careers that could change their lives. As more tech jobs become available, this training will empowerwomen to apply for positions they had never considered.

“The new job I got after doing Tech-Moms is fantastic, and it tripled my income. It has indeed been a blessing and a life-changing advancement,” said Danae Wardell, a Tech-Moms graduate.


Significant pay increases are another by-product that has come to Tech-Moms graduates. 

“After being at my new Ops jobs for one month, my leadership team said, ‘You are doing a really good job, and we would like to give you a $5 and hour raise!’ I have NEVER gotten more than a $1 cost-of-living yearly pay bump,” said Tech-Momsgraduate Caitlin States. “It feels strange but wonderful to have my work seen and appreciated. And I never would have found it without my connections at Tech-Moms. I can’t ever say thank you enough for showing me how much more is available to me—and my family—in this field.”

Because empowering women builds stronger homes, adding tech skills brings confidence, a timely voice to relevant issues, and a substantive contribution to communities. 

“I really am loving my new job so much more than I ever could have imagined,” said graduate Sherrie Hall. “Also, I didn’t realize that this was what had been missing from my life. It feels so good to work, which has been awesome for my mental health. I wish I had found Tech-Moms sooner.”

With an impressive pattern of investing in its communities, Comcast is committed to bringing digital equity to Utahns.Project UP is just one recent example where Utah’s leading Internet provider has invested over $100,000 into Utah’s digital world. The sizeable contribution provided 35 free WiFi-connected safe spaces, called Lift Zones, for students and adults, new laptop and computer donations, and digital equity grants to help low-income Utahns have access to the Internet.

Knight says Comcast leaders chose to support Tech-Moms because it helps close the digital divide of haves and have-nots by strengthening women, which influences families and improves our communities. 

“In this way, closing the digital divide so more Utahns can take advantage of an in-home Internet experience cannot happen soon enough, and supporting Tech-Moms is one more step in that direction,” she said.

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