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City set to approve contract for $300k Parks and Recreation master plan



The Lehi City Council is set to approve a contract with Colorado-based Design Workshop for a creation of a master parks and recreation plan during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The contract will last 18 months, and Design Workshop will be paid $304,730, primarily for surveys, consulting services and park and facility recommendations. The study will also suggest funding strategies.

The city’s current master plan was conducted in 2015. The updated proposal from Design Workshop will include the following elements, according to the firm’s proposal:

1. Public Engagement Strategy and Marketing/Branding  

A. Work with City staff to categorize the groups and individuals that will be identified as key stakeholders that should be engaged in the process. Stakeholders will include partners, representatives from recreation clubs, community organizations, and youth-focused organizations.

B. Capture input from diverse demographics through targeted advertising. Inclusion of an online survey website address within City mailings, including survey link to the Community Needs Assessment Survey and Questionnaires in monthly newsletter.

C. The community and stakeholders will be invited to participate in public meetings at different points in the process. Two different public meetings throughout the plan creation: first needs and values and the latter regarding the plan vision framework, strategies development, and priorities.

2. Comprehensive Parks, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan and Needs Assessment 


A. The community profile will provide a baseline of understanding for existing conditions covering the following topics: demographic, socioeconomic, community character, and areas of high public health risk due to environmental or socioeconomic factors.

B. The team will calculate level of service measurements by park type, amenity types, geographic service areas, and identify gaps. The park type classifications will be used to develop a park acreage per population ratio and relate to population growth projections to anticipate needed park space by type. 

C. The Project Team will organize capital improvement projects into a prioritized table that identifies near-term (0-3 years, mid-term (4-6 years), and long-term (7-20 years). The table will build upon remaining relevant projects from previous plans and will prioritize facility, infrastructure, amenities, and program needs for the parks and recreation system and provide guidance for Capital Investment based on the needs and priorities.

D. Review and analyze available capital and operation budget information, fee/pricing structure, and other financial data. We will provide an assessment of the annual operating spending and current sources of revenue. Potential revenue options will be explored and considered including but not limited to a bond referendum, grants, PARC tax allocations, partnerships, impact fees, etc.

3. Strategic Management Plan 

A. The recommendations will focus on future staffing and operational needs associated with the build-out of parks and facilities as part of the update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

B. Review and recommendations for organizational chart, full-time and part-time pay rates, fee policies/plan, and operating budget. 

C. The team will conduct a workshop with city staff to identify and develop the mission, vision and core values and reflect the desired state of the department within the community.


4Recreation Center Facility Planning 

A. Study the current offerings and programming at the Legacy Center and outdoor pool.

B. Evaluate facility conditions.

C. An indoor recreation facility market analysis will be conducted. This portion of the needs assessment is a cornerstone to the development of a comprehensive, and accurate, financial plan. It is paramount to understand the service areas, their population, key demographic indicators, and potential participation rates.

5. Project Management, Implementation and Monitoring

A. The project will begin with a Strategic Kick Off workshop with the consultant team and key District staff to review the project work plan and data availability. This first meeting will lay the foundation for a clear process and will clarify roles, approach, project goals, and community engagement opportunities.

The Lehi Free Press will keep the public updated on the process and any future opportunities for citizen input.

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