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Club Paddock is a car enthusiast’s dream



Brynn Carnesecca | Lehi Free Press

Club Paddock is American Fork’s up-and-coming elite club for car fanatics. Thirty-two incredible cars will be stored at the unique showroom and hangout destination. Utah County’s first car club includes simulators, special events and a car community. 

Alejandro Vargas, or Hando, and his son Angelo have been car fans for years. 

“I’ve been going to F1 since my son was 11 years old, and he’s 25 now,” Hando said. “That’s something I’m passionate about.” 

When Hando ran out of car storage, he knew he needed an alternative solution. 

“Angelo and I have wanted to do something together as a business forever. We have always talked about doing a car-related business,” Hando explained. 

Although they explored different options, nothing sparked interest. Everything changed when Hando received a call from a close friend in Detroit. The friend began to gush about a unique club in Detroit, solving the practical problem of no storage while also providing a cool hangout space. 

“That was the seed, and I thought, ‘Why don’t we have that here in Utah?’ Every big city has one. They are everywhere except for here,” Hando recalled. With the idea cemented, the Vargas family began working on their dream. 


They could not find a suitable space for the club for many months. However, when Domo closed its office, it was the perfect location. 

“When I came in here, this was a dated office building. We had been looking for a space to accommodate this project,” Hando said. “I wanted two things. I wanted a large space over 10,000 square feet, and I wanted it to be accessible, near the freeway.” Once they began construction, the Club Paddock team discovered they could remove many walls, leaving only the weight-bearing poles. With the walls all but gone, the vision for the car showroom began to take place. 

The showroom solves the problem that many car owners face—limited garage space. Club Paddock provides a unique storage alternative that simultaneously provides a gathering place for the car community. With car enthusiasm continually growing, Club Paddock is the perfect destination for car lovers to connect with like-minded individuals. 

“The one thing car guys want to do is share that passion with other car guys,” Hando laughed. Hando’s identical twin Javier also chimed in, “You want to be a part of a community with similar interests.” 

“This is meant to be a storage facility for supercars and a private club,” Hando explained. 

Club Paddock features two membership options. The Executive Membership provides access to all club amenities, events and a storage space for their car. The Social Membership only provides access to the club’s events and amenities. Both membership options allow for family access and two guests per visit to accompany the member.

One of Club Paddock’s most impressive features is its next-level security with over 14 cameras, motion sensors, a quick-opening garage door and a car RFID reader. A biometric key storage system authenticates every member before unlocking the assigned key box. The team also strategically built the Club Paddock app, providing two-step authentication and facial recognition for all members. 

“The minute you come in, cameras are recording you coming in from the outside and inside, license plate readers, and facial recognition,” Hando said. Because of the added security measures, the entire car pickup and dropoff process is automated so members can come and go as they please. 


Club Paddock also prioritizes car preservation and safety. 

“In New York City, you could put 60 cars in here. We are only putting 32 cars in here, and that’s by design,” Hando explained. “Typical parking stalls are 8 feet and 8 inches. These are 10 feet and 6 inches. They are meant for you to open your doors and not hit anything. The idea is that members can park the cars by themselves and drive in and out without problems or assistance. This is more of a showroom than it is a parking garage.” 

Any glass breaks and unauthorized motions will quickly alert and work with local police forces. The team even went the extra mile to include air ducts and carbon monoxide sensors, protecting the cars from potential harm. 

On top of the car storage, members can use Club Paddock’s many amenities. An ample space just off the showroom has a glass wall looking in on the cars and provides a fun hangout spot. Cars can also enter the lounge area from the showroom. 

“This is meant to be a gathering space where members can hang out and do work. The kitchen will be fully stocked with nonalcoholic drinks and snacks,” Hando said. 

Authentic F1 simulators will also have a home at Club Paddock. 

“Those are the same simulators that F1 drivers use to train,” Hando said. The simulators are complete with the only FIA-certified haptic system underneath the simulator. 

“It’s as close to actually driving on the track as you can get. When you drive around the curves, you can feel when the surface changes and the grip disappears. It will give you feedback. It’s just about as realistic of an experience as you can get without jumping into a racecar,” Hando’s son Angelo explained. To add to the immersion, each simulator has a replica of the F2 steering wheel and controls. 


A 20-by-11-foot golf simulator and a soundproof meeting room are also available for members. The Club will even feature a unique F1 art wall complete with unique signed pieces with no existing presence in Utah. Rooms and simulators can be rented out via the Club Paddock app for spaces for birthdays, weddings, business meetings or any other events. Club Paddock will also host large events monthly for all members to attend, including concerts, movie nights, comedy nights, charity events and car-themed festivities. 

To top it all off, Club Paddock strives to focus on giving back to the community. 

“We interview every member, and one of the questions we ask is, ‘What charities are you involved with?’ If they are involved with charities already, that is a plus,” said Hando. “We want people with that mindset so they are more likely to participate in our charity events.” 

Club Paddock’s team believes American Fork is the prime location. 

“The car guys are here in this area. Not in Salt Lake, not Park City, it’s here,” Hando said. “Having this here in American Fork makes the location attractive and cool.” 

On June 21 and 22, Club Paddock will tentatively host the first open house, with additional open houses in the following weeks. For more information, follow Club Paddock on Instagram @clubpaddock_ or visit  

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