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Lehi Round-Up Baby Contest winners



The Lehi City Miss and Teen royalties had the opportunity to “meet” nearly 100 adorable babies at the 2024 Lehi Round Up Baby Contest held Wednesday, June 26 at the Legacy Center. 

The Miss and Teen royalties selected the winners in the looks/personality category and the costume/novelty category for each age group beginning at three months and all the way up to 36 months. Every single baby captured their hearts as they found it almost impossible to choose the winners. 

Miss Lehi’s Teen Desiree McKinnon said, “the baby contest is one of my favorite events for the whole Round Up week. I was so excited to act as a judge this year. I did not realize how hard it would be to pick winners because every baby deserves a score of ten.”

Each of the winners are invited to participate in the Miniature Float Parade on Friday, June 28. 

Congratulations to 2024 Lehi Round Up Baby Contest winners:

Judges Choice

Bodie Mellor

3-6 Month – Multiples 


1st – Brooks and Cole Penrod

3-6 Months – Girl Looks/Personality 

1st – Akena Custer 

2nd – Capri Hardy 

3rd – Jane Holbrook 

3-6 Months – Boy Looks/Personality 

1st – Theodore (Teddy) Marriott 

2nd – Wesley Archer


3rd – Don Hulme 

3-6 Months – Girl Costume/Novelty 

1st- Ella Crosby 

2nd – Georgia Gresham 

3rd – Danielle Willhite 

3-6 Months – Boy Costume/Novelty 

1st – Everett Robinson 

7-9 Months – Girl Looks/Personality 


1st – Celeste Clavijo 

2nd – Navy Saxton 

3rd – Vivian Torgerson 

7-9 Months – Boy Looks/Personality 

1st – Harvey Cottrell 

2nd – Cruz Bryner 

3rd – Bodi Mellor 

7-9 Months – Girl Costume/Novelty 


1st- Navy Saxton 

7-9 Months – Boy Costume/Novelty 

1st – Bodie Mellor 

2nd – Jack Peterson 

3rd – Anthony Ashton 

10-12 Months – Girl Looks/Personality 

1st – Ellie Zimba 

2nd – Kambree Ellenger (44) 


10-12 Months – Boys Looks/Personality 

1st – Owen Randall 

2nd – Patrick Anderson 

3rd – Dawson Young 

10-12 Months – Girl Costume/Novelty 

1st – Brityn Burt 

2nd – Bethany Keller 

3rd – Stella Rodabough


10-12 Months – Boy Costume/Novelty 

1st- Damon James 

2nd – Israel Sanchez

13-18 Months – Girl Looks/Personality 

1st – Ellie Valdez 

2nd – Lydia Lewis 

3rd – Indy Thomas 

13-18 Months – Boy Looks/Personality 


1st – Walter West

2nd – Mateo Potts 

3rd- Jack Hansen 

13-18 Months – Girl Costume/Novelty 

1st – Ellie Valdes 

2nd – Kate Hunsaker 

3rd – Luna Church 

13-18 Months – Boy Costume/Novelty 


1st- Cameron Kirkham 

2nd – Mateo Potts 

3rd- Jack Hansen  

19-24 Months – Girl Looks/Personality 

1st- Jakaia Scott

2nd – Taytum Maddox 

3rd – Aspen Hunter 

19-24 Months – Boy Looks/Personality 


1st – Logan Isom 

2nd – Emric Wheelwright 

19-24 Months – Girl Costume/Novelty 

1st – Laney Willis 

2nd – Abigail Patrick 

3rd – Madeline Diablo 

19-24 Months – Boy Costume/Novelty 

1st – Declan Winchester


2nd – Emric Wheelwright 

25-36 Months – Girl Costume/Novelty

1st- Alena Shumway

2nd- London Crosby

3rd- Piper Harper

25-36 Months – Girls Looks/ Personality 

1st- Alena Shumway

2nd- Oaklee Chambers


3rd- Navy Beaston 

25-36 Months – Boys Costume/Novelty

1st- Jamie Lewis

2nd- Stead Johnson

3rd- Finigan McNeil

25-36 Months – Boys Looks/Personality 

1st- Bridger Nelson

2nd- Thomas Diallo 


3rd- Stead Johnson

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