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Annual survey shows overall satisfaction with Lehi, despite continuing decline in quality-of-life score



Y2 Analytics presented Lehi City leaders with the results of the 2024 resident survey at Tuesday’s city council meeting. The annual survey sheds light on key concerns, satisfaction levels, and shifting perspectives so the City Council and staff understand current thinking among Lehi residents. This year’s survey had 748 respondents from all areas of the City. Demographics included 55% female, 45% male, 95% homeowners, and 5% renters. 

“Traffic and growth continue to be at the forefront of resident concerns. Water and water cleanliness have also risen to the top… The overall quality of life is gradually declining year over year, and most residents say the City is going in the right direction,” said the Y2 Analytics representative at the start of the presentation. 

Traffic congestion and challenges posed by rapid growth were sentiments echoed by a significant portion of the population, with a noteworthy 83% expressing that the City is growing too quickly. Residents in the southern half of the City appear to be particularly sensitive to the impacts of this growth, while 23% of respondents in Traverse Mountain say they thought Lehi was growing too slowly. 

Water quality was a new addition to the list of top concerns, likely due to the City’s irrigation water E-Coli outbreak last year. 

Over the years, the survey has revealed a gradual erosion in Lehi City’s perception that the City was “moving in the right direction,” with only 63% currently expressing satisfaction in this regard, down from 72% in 2022.

Similarly, satisfaction levels with the overall quality of life have experienced a four-point dip, with 73% compared to 77% in last year’s survey. 

The Mayor and City Council also saw a reduction in their approval level, from 78% last year to 71% this year. 

City services with the highest resident satisfaction level included fire, garbage collection, and police services. The three bottom-scoring City services included code enforcement, street maintenance, and sidewalk maintenance. 


Despite the cited challenges, the City has earned a strong sense of endorsement among its residents. An impressive 78% of respondents expressed their willingness to recommend Lehi as a desirable place to live to friends and family, although this represents a slight decrease from last year’s 82%.