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Lehi City adds bilingual stipend to employee compensation



The Lehi City Council approved a compensation change on Tuesday, June 11, to pay all bilingual employees a bonus stipend starting July 1. 

“This request started in the Police Department. They have recognized that we’re using bilingual skills more and more, especially with first responders. We feel that’s something we should compensate for and also motivate them to learn those skills,” said City Human Resources Director David Kitchen. 

“We’ve looked at cities across the state and are proposing that those, not only in the Police Department but across the city, who use their bilingual skills as part of their official duty should receive a stipend,” Kitchen continued. 

The new city policy will pay employees a $30 stipend per pay period if they regularly use another language and $15 per pay period if their second language is used infrequently. 

“The mechanism we proposed is that it be approved by a department head,” said Kitchen when asked by Councilwoman Paige Albrecht if the language usage will be self-reported by each employee. 

“Two things: First, on self-reporting, you’ll want to consider an auditing process. Second, we’re learning rapidly that AI is becoming very prominent, where you can have real-time translation. I would suggest a five-year reassessment because AI is getting really good, and we probably won’t need this policy in the future,” said Lehi resident Jonathan Madsen during public comment. 

Councilwoman Albrecht motioned to approve the policy change and added a five-year sunset clause. The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Heather Newall and unanimously approved by the City Council. 


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