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Growth #1 issue in Lehi resident survey



In January, over 7821 Lehi residents received a survey via email. 1,816 responded to the survey and a summary of the survey is provided. Detailed results and comments are all contained on Lehi

Methodology: Survey was sent to email addresses provided by city utilities database and supplemented by email addresses purchased from an outside vendor. The data were weighted to reflect the demographics of Lehi City according to U.S. Census data from the American Community survey, specifically in regards to age, gender, marital status and education .

Of the respondents:

  • 97% live in Lehi
  • 85% believe Lehi is headed in the right direction
  • 81 % rated quality of life in Lehi as high.
  • 76% approve how Mayor and City Council are handling their jobs.

Following are questions asked on the survey and the percentages representing responses:

How would you rate the City of Lehi compared to five years ago?

  • Much better—10%
  • Somewhat better—-24%
  • About the same——13%
  • Somewhat worse—–9%
  • Much worse———–2%
  • Don’t know, haven’t lived here long enough.—-39%

How likely are you to recommend this City to friends and family as a good place to live?

  • Excellent—–15%
  • Good———-60%
  • Fair————18%
  • Poor———–4%

When citizens rated Lehi City Services on a scale between 0 (dissatisfied) and 100 (completely satisfied) the average score was between 60 and 70 depending on the service area.

A question pertaining to growth rate was asked and the result was:

  • Much too quickly—-29%
  • A bit too quickly—-39%
  • Too slowly———–1%

The demographic information obtained from the survey contained the following information:

  • 67%——younger than 44
  • 73%——own or are buying home
  • 43%——have college education
  • 25%——some college
  • 13%——graduate degree
  • 10%——self-employed
  • 64%——employed by someone else
  • 76%——married
  • 89%——white/Caucasian

Two questions were asked and the results are displayed in the accompanying graphic.

What do you like most about living in Lehi?

In your opinion what is the most important issue facing Lehi today?


A section of the survey allowed respondents to comment about Lehi. A random sampling illustrates the general feelings of citizens in Lehi.

“I like the small town feel while still being close to many amenities.”

“Proximity to Salt Lake, yet less crowded, canyon and recreation access.”

“School overcrowding. My children’s elementary was to capacity within the year it opened and 100 new houses were built just in my neighborhood that are now going there. Also traffic.”

“Traffic, my #1 complaint.”

“Lack of local or small businesses. It seems like every establishment is a chain of some sort”

“Traffic issues and maintaining recreational family atmosphere that drew us to Lehi in the first place.”

“Lehi is developing much too fast to be accommodated by the existing infrastructure.”


“The sheer amount of housing going in without thought for parks and schools.”

“New businesses are good for jobs and property values, but I miss the open fields that is a big reason we chose Lehi, to take drives through the country. I have never wanted to live in SLC because I don’t like having buildings and cement everywhere. I am afraid Lehi is headed in that direction.”

There were over 130 pages of comments related to growth.

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