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Utah County Mayors support Proposition 9



Prop 9 creates the separation of powers – Currently, three commissioners have legislative and executive authority, which means two people dictate all laws and decisions through a majority vote. Prop 9 would separate the branches of government providing for checks and balances in government.

Prop 9 creates greater accountability – Separating the two branches means we know who is responsible for setting policy and adopting it. It clarifies who sets the budget and who is responsible for implementing policy and advocating for the county’s needs. 

Prop 9 creates regional representation – Utah County would be divided into five regional districts, each with their own elected representative; this is much more effective than the three “at large” commissioners we now have. Regional representation allows for an elected official to understand and advocate for the needs of their specific area. 

Prop 9 does not raise taxes. It reduces costs – The current commissioners and their policy advisors all receive full-time salaries with benefits presently. The new form will reallocate that same funding to a full-time executive, five part-time council members, and two full-time support members. The cost analysis illustrates a 34% decrease in cost. Future costs would be based on who is elected, and the policy they implement. 

Prop 9 does not grow government – While it will add voices to the table, it doesn’t create any new powers, new departments, or new levels of bureaucracy. All the existing powers granted to the commissioners will be the same powers given to the new officials but will be separated as proposed by our founding fathers. 

Prop 9 does not give unchecked powers to the mayor – In this form, the county council controls the budget. If the mayor wants to add new positions or departments, the council must approve funding. The council also has the authority to set policy. The State Legislature has ultimate control over what powers a county mayor has; emergency powers are created and reduced at the state level.

Prop 9 will not make us Salt Lake County – Seven counties in Utah have transitioned to the executive-council or council-manager form of government that separates executive and legislative powers. Cache County has the same form of government as Salt Lake County and has not seen the same spending levels. There is nothing inherent in any form of government that leads to increased spending. Those decisions are made by those elected to serve.


Prop 9 provides better governance – We have 650,000 residents in Utah County, and projections show the county will grow to 1.6 million by 2065. We need more voices at the table when making important decisions. Prop 9 will promote more thorough discussions when establishing policy and legislation; the subsequent adoption will be better vetted and more appropriate. 

Prop 9 provides an opportunity for new voices – Under this new form, the legislative branch will be part-time; this broadens the pool of potential candidates to those with existing careers enabling better skilled, solution-oriented problem solvers within the private sector a chance to serve.

Please join us in voting yes on Prop 9.

Mayor Troy Stout – Alpine

Mayor Brad Frost – American Fork

Mayor David Gustin – Cedar Fort

Mayor Jenney Rees – Cedar Hills

Mayor Steven Staheli – Goshen


Mayor Rod Mann – Highland

Mayor Mark Johnson – Lehi

Mayor Marty Larson – Genola

Mayor Bill Wright – Payson

Mayor Kurt Christensen – Salem

Mayor Ty Ellis – Elk Ridge

Mayor Dallas Hake – Mapleton

Mayor Richard Brunst – Orem


Mayor Guy Fugal – Pleasant Grove

Mayor Michelle Kaufusi – Provo

Mayor Kirk Hunsaker – Santaquin

Mayor Steve Leifson – Spanish Fork

Mayor Richard Child – Springville

Mayor Wendy Pray – Woodland Hills

Mayor Julie Fullmer – Vineyard

County Gov. Revenue from Taxes & Fees Per Capita Comparison by Form of Government:


Tax & Rev Comparison Spreadsheet for Utah Counties. Source: Utah Taxpayers Association, County Websites, and Transparent.Utah.Gov

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