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Meet the members of the Lehi City Planning Commission: Series one



The seven members and two alternate members of the Lehi City Planning Commission donate a combined 30-to-70 man hours every month considering citizens’ requests and recommending action to the Lehi City Council, or in some cases giving final approval to applicants.

Commission members are appointed by the mayor, with consent from the city council, and serve three-year terms. Although their recommendations aren’t always accepted by the council, the planning commission plays a big part in executing the goals and vision of residents. 

The Lehi Free Press contacted the nine men, including alternates, serving on the planning commission and asked them: 1. How long have you lived in Lehi? 2. What do you do for a living? 3. What are your hobbies? 4. Tell us a little about your family. (Their responses will be spread over two issues.)

Matthew Hemmert, in his second term, which ends on Dec. 31

1. Just over 14 years.

2. I’m the acting general counsel for a multinational software company with responsibility for managing government relations, employment matters, litigation, corporate compliance, strategic partnerships, and supporting all other legal needs of the company. I typically describe what I do as being an author, given the amount of time I spend drafting and redrafting corporate documents (inclusive of contracts), letters, compensation plans, etc. 

3. I love to travel, and with 2020 making that very difficult, I’ve found ways to explore, and re-explore, things closer to home. Another hobby of mine is cycling, which has taken a back seat as I’ve rehabbed some pretty terrible injuries over the past three years. I also love to cook; baking isn’t my forte given the precision required, but I absolutely love to cook. 

4. I’m married, with four amazing little monsters we’re trying to raise to be good humans. Julie keeps the family running, and I can’t thank her enough for that. Our oldest, Mason (13), has a huge heart and is a fantastic swimmer for HAST. Only only girl, Mallory (11) also swims with HAST and is going through a severe horse-love phase. Jesse (10) is our evil genius who also swims for HAST and loves to make stop-motion movies and researching obscure facts and fabulous ocean creatures. James (7) is a daredevil and has had way too many visits to ERs, Primary Children’s Hospital, and surgical suites. And Mater Tater (1.4) is the best dang boxer in the world and loves on anyone who comes to visit; the UPS delivery driver brings him a treat every time there’s a delivery! 


Scott Bunker, just started his second term on Jan. 1

1. 22 Years.  We love Lehi! We love the sense of community that exists in the City of Lehi. Even through all the growth I believe it has maintained that sense of community because of the residents that have lived here for so many years and are so invested in the community. That is why I felt compelled to do my part and served several years on the Parks, Trails & Trees Committee and now on the Planning Commission. It’s hard not to give back to a community full of so many pioneers that have made this community what it is.

2. Assistant Director for Provo Power. I manage the power line crews, construction crews and forestry crews. I also am responsible for the budget/finance and public relations operations.

3. I love spending time with my family more than anything. Anything anywhere is worth it if I am with them.

4. I was married to my wife Dawn in 1994. We met when we both taught at the Missionary Training Center in Provo. We moved to Lehi in 1999 and we have five children (four daughters and one son) and one granddaughter. Three of our children graduated from Lehi High School, one from Skyridge and one is currently a student at Skyridge. 

Bill Hereth, filling the remainder of Heather Seegmiller’s term until Dec. 31, 2021

1. Eight years.

2. A traffic engineer and transportation planner with degrees from BYU and Ohio State and more than 15 years of experience. Currently employed at Wasatch Front Regional Council in the analytics group, where he builds computer models to forecast regional growth and transportation needs for Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber counties.

3 and 4. Married to Stephanie and has two kids. They love living in the Pointe Meadows neighborhood next to Thanksgiving Point with all the hustle and bustle of activity and growth around them. 

Gregory Jackson, alternate member, term expires Dec. 31, 2022

1. Coming up on 11 years. Marrying into an “Old Lehi” family that’s been here since the city’s founding and knows the importance of square donuts and the Round-Up (my kids are 6th-generation Lehians!). Lehi feels every bit my adopted hometown.


2. Professor and podcaster. I am in the Department of Integrated Studies and the assistant director of National Security Studies at UVU, where I teach courses on statecraft, history, and foreign policy to students who build careers serving our nation. I also host the US history podcast, “History That Doesn’t Suck.” It’s rewarding to bring historical perspective on city development, property rights, the social contract, etc., to the commission.

3. I enjoy playing guitar, rock climbing, running, cycling, camping, serving in my kids’ community scout troop, and spending time with family.

4. My wife, Sue Jackson, is also a UVU professor. She’s the department chair of Public Health, and amid COVID is temporarily serving as the university’s resident epidemiologist. I have three children: Lyla (11), Nick (10), and Alex (6); they’re voracious readers and love talking history. We also speak French in the home.

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