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Policies To Help Your Business Become More Employee-Friendly



A company can put an emphasis on the happiness of its employees to drive employee retention. Today’s world is full of resignations that have occurred when some companies tried to bring people back into the office. Employee retention is always going to be important as it can cost thousands to train new employees without a guarantee that they will thrive. Turnover can also make it difficult for the culture in the office. Coming together as a team can seem impossible if there are always new employees. The fact that people do very little work after they have put in their notice is just another aspect to consider. The following are policies that can help your business become a better place to work for employees. 

Put An Emphasis On Safety

Productivity being pushed too much can lead to employee burnout. Exhausted employees can put themselves in danger from mental or physical fatigue. Fall protection equipment is a perfect example of a great investment that helps improve safety and productivity. Injuries do occur in some job roles but this can completely derail the morale of employees. Regular safety training is very important especially with new hires. This training can also give employees a bit of a break from the daily tasks. 

Sponsored Happy Hours

Happy hours are a part of working that so many professionals missed during social distancing. Bonding with coworkers over a few drinks has been done for decades. Sponsoring these events can be important as employees won’t want to spend money and it can entice more of the staff to attend. 

Remote happy hours can be a blast as so many people might miss the conversations they used to have with coworkers in the office. Sending out a few codes for DoorDash can allow people to enjoy their beverage of choice. Even games during this time that can help new employees learn about their coworkers can be quite fun. 

Remote Work Days

Remote work is so attractive for professionals regardless of industry. There are even companies that have gone fully remote which can help a business save money. The worry about productivity decreasing in a remote environment has been thwarted as productivity increased across a variety of industries. The ability to build a team with talent from around the country or even the world. Allowing employees to work remotely a few times per week can be a perk that helps retain employees for years to come. 

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours can be very important for those that might have children. There are plenty of appointments that a parent has to go to. Allowing employees to work flexible hours while completing all of their work can be essential. Flexibility does not always mean that employees will get less done. 

Driving up employee retention is about creating a work environment with policies that support employee growth. Stressing a healthy work-life balance is also very important as most people work to live rather than living to work. Employee-friendly businesses can become a staple of the local area with top talent applying due to the reputation of the business when it comes to treating employees well.


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