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Dear Editor: The City Council should censure their colleague



Dear Editor,

I have been very disappointed in the lack of decorum and respect Councilwoman Koivisto has shown at times to citizens as well as her colleagues. I am especially disappointed in this latest report that she willingly put herself and her children in danger by trespassing onto an active construction site. Moreover, her assertion that she had the right to be there because of her status as a Council member is most troubling, crosses the line into the world of unrighteous dominion, and should not be tolerated. A formal apology should be issued by Councilwoman Koivisto to HADCO Construction, the foreman who experienced the Koivisto altercation, the police who had to respond to the call, and to the residents of Lehi for whom she works.

If ever there was a time for the Lehi City Council and the Mayor to censure a council member, now would be it.

Mrs. Koivisto has had enough time in the seat for us to get a taste of her politics, her demeanor, and the way she conducts herself both in public and now in private when no one is watching. She appears to be the same individual in both instances which in its own right is admirable. 

From what I have seen she is bringing the “shout you down and call you names” nature of big city/national politics to Lehi City which is something that this resident is against. We need to elect individuals who can present their opinions in a respectful manner rather than a forceful one. Kindness and understanding go a long way with people. This doesn’t mean she should compromise her position or values or goals for the City, just apply the golden rule as you go about your business. Treat people the way you want to be treated, especially when things get heated. We should expect better from our elected officials. 

Currently, Utah doesn’t allow recall elections. Bummer. 

Brion Webb

Lehi, Utah

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