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4 Epic Ways To Build a Business Without Funding in Utah



Locate a free business concept

The creation of a concept is the first step in launching a business. Here are six innovative company concepts that you may launch without any money if you’re unsure of what that might be. And don’t forget to investigate small business grants.

Selling your services

Selling your services is the fastest way to launch a business without any capital. Being better than the typical person at something allows you to create a business that benefits them, even if you haven’t fully mastered it. Start by focusing on the skills you possess that set you apart from the majority of individuals. 

Publish the skill set as a service, like:

Writing for hire Virtual assistant

Social media marketing Services for handymen

Start with what you already have, such as your experience, knowledge, talents, and resources you possess, as you don’t yet have the necessary funding. When you have nothing, these are the investments you should make. Owner of the Japanese Green Tea Co., Kei Nishida

If you don’t have a particularly strong set of abilities, don’t discount starting a service firm. Your time is valuable, which is why busy people frequently pay hourly fees to others to complete jobs they don’t want to (or don’t have time to) complete. This includes positions such as:

  • Housekeeping or pet sitting
  • Walking a dog and shopping
  • Washing a car

Because they worry about making minimum wage, many business owners disregard these small business ideas. However, service-based enterprises can be quite successful. Some independent authors reach six figures in income within the first two years of operation. One window cleaner even reached the $250,000 milestone in less than a year.


For entrepreneurs wishing to launch a small business with no money, dropshipping is a common business concept. Simply set up an online store and select USers or AliExpress as your dropshipping vendor. Your e-commerce platform will send the order details to your provider after a purchase is made. Picking, packing, and shipping the order to your buyer is their responsibility.


 Learn how to dropship because you don’t really have any extra money while pursuing my master’s degree. Since Wish wasn’t mentioned as much as dropshipping into Amazon or your own store, I chose to do it there. 

Fighthaus’s creator, Zaid Shahatit

Dropshipping’s biggest feature is that you can get started on a very small budget.

Vendors will only charge you for merchandise when you sell it rather than purchasing it in advance and keeping it in a pricey warehouse.

Shopify’s starter package lets you get going for just $5 per month.

Print as needed

According to estimates, the global market for customized goods is approximately $38 billion.

Profit from that chance by starting a print-on-demand company, even if you lack the funds up front to invest in inventory.


Private labeling merchandise (such t-shirts, caps, or tote bags) and selling it on a per-order basis is known as print on demand. Suppliers such as Printful will print your designs on stock, mail it to the consumer, and bill you for their services when you’ve received payment from the customer.

Similar to dropshipping, there aren’t many expenses involved in launching a business of this nature because you only have to pay for goods when a consumer orders it. If you want to start a firm with nothing, the print-on-demand approach is a good choice because there are no storage expenses to worry about. 

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