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OPINION: Stop at the lemonade stand



School has been out for a few weeks now and I’ve been seeing more and more lemonade stands pop up around town. What a joyous site. I have always made it a priority to stop and support the kids, even when my wife thinks I’m crazy. Stop at the lemonade stand.

As a community, we should rally behind our neighborhood kids’ lemonade stands. When we stop to patronize, we become catalysts for personal growth, we help youth learn valuable life skills and we continue to nurture the seeds of American entrepreneurship.

Lemonade stands are the all-time classic for young entrepreneurs. Young kids from all walks of life are filled with ambition and creativity, wanting just a piece of the almighty dollar. When we stop at their stands, we help to foster their enterprising spirit, while helping them learn money management, customer service, and problem-solving skills. From setting prices and calculating costs to making change and tracking profits, these young entrepreneurs learn vital lessons about financial literacy at an early age. What an invaluable skill for the future. 

Lemonade stands are not just about selling a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day, they also help in building self-esteem and strengthening communities. When we stop at a child’s lemonade stand, we engage in meaningful interaction that shows them their efforts and time are valued. In a time when many kids are cooped up inside playing video games and sitting on the computer, community engagement is at an all-time low. Lemonade stands keep kids outside, interacting with others. As they socialize with customers, make sales, and witness the impact of their efforts, their self-belief grows. Each dollar earned becomes a symbol of achievement, sometimes lacking in their everyday lives. 

While most of our communities’ young entrepreneurs are driven by profit to spend on a toy or activity they have been saving for, others may be driven by the creative outlet that lemonade stands provide. There are kids who love to showcase their creativity and innovation by experimenting with different flavors or stand décor. Many children like to think outside the box and use their imaginative skills. 

Don’t forget the parents. The parents who encourage their child who needs a little extra push. The parents who support their overzealous child. The parents who help their child shop for ingredients, set-up and take-down their stands and the parents who celebrate the wins and losses of the unique experience. 

Let’s continue the tradition of stopping at lemonade stands throughout summer, not just for the lemonade, cotton candy, bracelets or popsicles, but for the positive influence it has on our communities and the kids. We can help celebrate the joyous journey of childhood. Stop at the lemonade stand. 


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