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Letter to the Editor: City should open concessions at Sports Park



Dear Editor,

I am a Lehi Citizen and have been for many years. I have always supported Lehi City in every way I can, but recently I have been disappointed in several things. 

I have several grandchildren who play sports. Several weeks ago, I watched my granddaughter play softball at the Sports Complex on 7th South. It was a hot day, and I needed a drink. I had not brought water with me. I walked over to the concession area and found it closed. I was certainly surprised. I asked around, and no one knew why the concession area was closed.Someone mentioned there had been no concessions all summer.

It seems that for a city this size, a snack bar or a place where a patron could buy a bottle of water at a sports park would be doable. I understand that staffing might be an issue, but certainly, someone could come up with an idea to provide this much-needed amenity to fans and sports enthusiasts in Lehi. It might even turn out to be a lucrative enterprise if done right.

Penny Adamson

Lehi, Utah

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