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Kennyisms: Why you need a coach



Exercise can be scary sometimes, especially when we’re alone. Sometimes we simply don’t know what to do, other times we lack motivation or self-confidence. We procrastinate or we don’t hold ourselves accountable. One of my favorite things about being a fitness coach is helping others conquer these obstacles. Whatever the obstacles may be, I’ve learned one thing over the years: if you want great results, you need a coach.

Like a good teacher, a coach helps you do the things you know you’re supposed to do. You know, for example, the importance of diet and exercise, but you are much more likely to actually make changes to your behavior when you have a coach. A coach, like a teacher, also educates you. I’ve seen firsthand that the saying is true: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” The majority of my clients lack knowledge and/or experience when they first start their programs, and that’s perfectly okay. I teach them and over time they become experts on their personal diet and exercise needs.

Coaches help make a game plan. Without a clear goal and a plan to reach that goal, people rarely get the results they want. With a road map to success and a coach to guide them, people often accomplish not only their goals, but go far beyond what they ever thought they could, and definitely more than they’d ever achieve alone. Every person’s body is different, so it is key to have a coach to make a personalized diet and exercise plan specifically for you. With a tailor-made diet and exercise plan, your coach will hold you accountable to your plans. It is important to meet with your coach at least weekly, so he/she can hold you accountable and stay up to date with your progress.

Whether you struggle with knowledge, motivation, or procrastination, coaching is often the difference between mediocre results and excellent results. Remember, when you have a coach, you also have a teacher, a mentor, a cheerleader, a dietician, and a friend.

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