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City Council green-lights 856-unit development in West Lehi, including boundary adjustment with Saratoga Springs



Packed agenda also includes discussion of waste rate increase and partial solution for Skyridge parking woes. 

Lehi City Council met on Tuesday, September 24 in the council chambers with all members present except Paige Albrecht, who was excused. 

Waste Rate Increase

The Council discussed the upcoming waste contract with Waste Management, as the current contract is to expire December 31, 2019. The City decided to proceed without a Request For Proposal (RFP) citing time constraints. The City was presented two different rate options including a straight rate increase or the option for a flex rate increase connected to the city’s recycling performance. The straight rate increase would raise residents’ fees for one garbage can and one recycling can from the current $10.50 to $13.70, a 30% jump. The flex option rate would fluctuate based on the recycling performance of the city and the commodities market. 

“What determines that [recycling rate] and when?” asked Councilman Mike Southwick. The Waste Management representative said those factors are based on a recycling material index measuring the quality of recyclable items and the contaminated level of items that shouldn’t be recycled. This index would be audited on a quarterly basis and City representatives are welcome to attend. Based on Lehi City recycling performance averages so far in 2019, the rate increase would be $1.52, a 14% jump. 

“I’m not much of a risk taker,” said Councilman Johnny Revill, who expressed support for the straight rate option. Councilman Revill was countered by Councilman Chris Condie who said, “I would be in favor of option two (flex rate) and give the Sustainability Committee a chance to get going.” Councilman Paul Hancock was also in favor of the flex rate option. Mayor Mark Johnson concluded by voicing support for the flex option. “This gives us an opportunity to be more responsible as residents,” said Johnson. The Council will continue discussing the proposed 30-month contract (with 30-month optional renewal) and decide on the two rate options at the next meeting on October 8. 


Edge Homes 856-Unit Development

The City Council unanimously approved Councilman Chris Condie’s motion to approve an 856-unit community on 149.40 acres by Edge Homes on the McLachlan property located at approximately 3600 West and 1500 North. The proposed project is currently split between Lehi and Saratoga Springs. Brandon Watson, representing Edge Homes, asked the Council to accept the Saratoga Springs portion into Lehi City through a boundary adjustment. The request is driven by the infrastructure needs that are required for the project. The topography of the parcel creates a challenge for Saratoga Springs to service its infrastructure and would be easier connected to Lehi’s systems. 

Councilman Johnny Revill asked, “Where is the water coming from?” City Development Director Kim Sturthers responded, ”They [Edge Homes] will be required to dedicate water.” 

The Council favored the proposal coming from Saratoga Springs as the units were already vested in the location and would be built on the parcel whether Lehi approved it or not. “They (Saratoga Springs) would get all the impact fees and we would be impacted,” said Revill. The new community will include 370 condos, 328 townhomes, 163 single family homes and a 1.6-acre commercial pad. Amenities will include a trail system, pool, pickle ball courts, hammock park and three leisure parks.

Parking at Skyridge

Several neighboring residents of Skyridge High School pleaded with the City Council at the last meeting to help them find a solution to their continued struggle with students parking in their neighborhood and bringing safety, litter and inconvenience issues. At the Tuesday night meeting, the City presented a proposal to add parking permits in the neighboring areas of Eagle Way, Crest Dr, 3050 North, 2975 North, 50 North and 2875 North. 

“We took the existing language from the Lehi High School ordinance and just applied it here,” said City Administrator Jason Walker. The proposed solution didn’t come without objection from some residents. 

“I feel for my neighbors and I hope that something can be done, but to globally go and red line all those streets is absolutely ridiculous,” said Steve Boyack, a resident near Skyridge. “We specifically bought our lot for the amount of frontage and street parking,” Boyack continued. 


After hearing from a collection of residents who were both in favor and opposed, some of whom questioned if the planned parking was sufficient, Councilman Paul Hancock responded, “Skyridge was built with adequate parking but the kids just don’t want to walk the extra 50 feet.”

“This is a Skyridge problem and the City has to deal with it,” said Councilman Johnny Revill. Nearly an hour into the discussion, Councilman Chris Condie motioned to implement the parking permit program for the seven closest homes to the high school who were all in agreement with the new policy, which will not allow public parking between 7 a.m.-3 p.m. on weekdays. 

Other agenda items, all unanimously approved by the City Council, included; 

Consideration of Resolution #2019-54, an amendment to the supplemental agreement entered into with UDOT in 2018 for the I-15 Technology Corridor project by Lehi City. 

Consideration of Resolution #2019-55, approving the Traverse Park Construction Agreement between Lehi City and S&L Inc. by Lehi City. This project is for a new park located next to Ignite Academy and Fire Station 83 in Traverse Mountain. The park will include a play structure, pavilion, soccer fields, restrooms and trails with a nature focused theme. 

Consideration of Plat Amendment for the Cold Springs Ranch HD4, a 127-unit residential development located at approximately 3600 West 700 North by DR Horton. 

Consideration of Ordinance #67-2019, the Yeomans Zone Change, approximately 2.55 acres of property located at 143 South 1100 West changing the zoning from RA-1 to R-1-Flex by Wes Yeomans. 

Consideration of Ordinance #69-2019, a Development Code Amendment to Chapter 37, amending allowed exceptions and multi-family design standards for balconies by Lehi City. 


Consideration of Ordinance #68-2019, a Development Code Amendment to Chapter 12B, amending allowed exemptions from grading on public projects by Lehi City. 

Consideration of Resolution #2019-57, approving the street name change in Hidden Canyon Plat A residential subdivision from “Oak Hollow Circle” to “Oakridge Circle” by Lehi City. 

Consideration of Resolution #2019-56, approving a Real Estate Purchase Agreement between Gareth and Dorothy Seastrand and Lehi City by Lehi City. 

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