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Lehi City Mayor Mark Johnson’s 2020 Forecast



Lehi City will focus on three primary objectives in 2020 which have generated much discussion. They are all related in some specific way to the issue that has concerned many in our community and much of our state; growth. 

I want to briefly frame what lays ahead in Utah County. I understand concerns regarding future growth. It has the attention of every jurisdiction along the Wasatch Front. Utah County is expected to double in population in the next 30 years and Salt Lake County will also continue to expand rapidly. It is important to understand that the majority of the growth is internal and many who grew up and were educated here are staying due to the strong local economy. I am familiar enough with the demographic projections to understand the importance of controlling what we can and the dangers that lie in ignoring calculated projections. I am very optimistic however that with aggressive planning and the appropriate political support, Lehi will continue to be a wonderful place to live and remain the “economic engine of Utah.”

First, Lehi City will focus on creating a regional transportation plan. We will be finishing up the revised General Plan in 2020 and on its heels will be a new Master Transportation Plan. I am excited to address current problems in transportation areas and plan anticipated systems for the future. I have been meeting regularly with UDOT, UTA, MAG, WFRC, the Point of the Mountain Commission and other key agencies in developing a mutual plan for the development and funding of a successful transportation and transit network for our area.  Everyone involved understands the critical need to plan appropriately and has the motivation to do so.

Second, Lehi City will focus on park development in 2020. Demand for parks from our citizens has grown and we recognize open space as a vital resource. Funding is available for the design of new facilities that will serve both the sports and leisure demands of the citizens. We will also be identifying creative funding solutions to build these parks once they are designed. We are currently working on additional property acquisitions for future park space that will sustain our diverse needs in the future. I expect to have finalized designs available for our major park spaces in this upcoming year.

Third, Lehi City will develop a plan for a fiber optic network. Anyone who has spent time on social media knows there has been discussion regarding fiber and the city has been investigating it comprehensively. It has become a crucial need to the private sector and is of high demand from the citizens. There has been much civic debate about the proper role of this service and whether it should operate as a utility, similar to other services provided by your local government. We have reached a time where I believe this is an essential asset just as public power, sewer, water and emergency services have become. City administration has been investigating every alternative along with the associated cost and risk. In this upcoming year we will be laying out our plan for the installation and maintenance operations for a network that will best serve the citizens of our city. 

Lehi remains a wonderful place to live. There are great things coming in 2020 that I believe will not only improve our quality of life but will also help sustain our community into the future. Thank you for your continued support. 

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