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Curbside library services to begin, Legacy Center re-opening delayed



The Lehi City Council met Tuesday night for another remote meeting with all Council members in attendance. The Council received an update from City Administrator, Jason Walker on Governor Gary Herbert’s risk level change from red to orange and how the changes will affect Lehi residents regarding Round-up Week, the Legacy Center, and the Library. 

Many residents have feared the cancelation of Lehi’s Round-up Week City celebration and on Tuesday night, the City shared in the doubt, as Walker reminded the Council that “mass gatherings” will be the last thing to return during the COVID-19 recovery. 

“The odds of it happening I still think are at best 50-50. Our thought is, if the rodeo can’t go on, then we really can’t hold Round-up Week. We would have to probably look at canceling that. We looked at maybe modified activities, but it just isn’t the same and not really feasible,” said Walker. 

Councilman Mike Southwick, the City Liaison to the Rodeo echoed Walker’s thoughts. “We decided the [new] August date, as if we could still do it. If we couldn’t, we will just cancel until next year. We thought let’s give it the chance and if we can’t, we can’t and we will go next year,” said Southwick. 

The Lehi Civic Improvement Association (CIA) is tentatively planning to present the Lehi Round-up Rodeo on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, August 13 – 15, according to John Lewis, CIA Director.

Walker also presented the Council with a plan to open the City Library, possibly as soon as Monday, May 4, for curbside delivery.

“Now [that] we can have groups of 20 [people] gathered together, we now can have the number of employees we would need to pull off a curbside delivery for the library,” said Walker. The City hopes to have that service ready for residents on Monday and will communicate the details later this week. 


Although there was good news surrounding the library, the Legacy Center and Senior Center status wasn’t so bright. 

“I know we will get pressure to open the Legacy Center but I strongly recommend to the Mayor and Council that we hold off on making a decision until at least mid-May and we look at end of May or beginning of June as an opening date,” said Walker. 

The largest concern in opening the Legacy Center is maintaining new stringent cleaning processes and the supply chain for those needed cleaning products. Walker informed the Council that the City currently has two weeks’ worth of cleaning supplies to maintain facilities and can’t guarantee receipt after those are used. 

“We don’t want to open and then have to close again,” said Walker. 

The Senior Center won’t open again until the state risk level is dropped to green, as seniors are one of the most vulnerable groups for COVID-19. 

Lastly, the City Council unanimously approved Lehi’s “State of Emergency” extension until May 28. The “State of Emergency” declaration allows the City to use emergency powers to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic through directives and resources. 

The City Council will reevaluate the Legacy Center opening at the May 12 meeting. 

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