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Annual Lehi resident satisfaction survey shows improvement



After seeing a steady decline in resident satisfaction with City government in the last few years, City leadership welcomed a rebound in this year’s citizen survey. 

In January 2021, Utah company Y2 Analytics conducted the City’s annual resident survey and received 1,415 responses. The resident survey included a slight majority of women at 51%. Of the respondents, 83% were homeowners, down from 85% in 2020. 

The top metrics for the annual survey related to “direction of the City” and a quality-of-life scale, both of which received improvement over last year. 

78% of residents said they felt Lehi is “headed in the right direction,” up from a five-year low of 72% in 2020. 

Residents were also asked to rate their overall quality of life, “all things considered, on a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 being very low and 100 being very high, how would you rate your overall quality of life in Lehi?” The 2021 average came in at 79.1%, up 2% from 2020’s 77.1%.

The City’s direction and quality of life scored higher than last year, and the Mayor and City Council’s approval rating saw a positive bump from 74% last year to 82% in 2021.

“Overall, I feel safe in Lehi” came in at 88%, while “Lehi is a great place to raise a family” came in at 83%.


City services that scored the best in resident satisfaction were the fire department at 85.1% and garbage collection at 83.4%. The survey’s lowest scores were adult recreational programs at 61.8% and water conservation efforts at 62.1%.

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