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New Maverik Approved, traffic issues for PDQ franchise discussed



Five new developments were approved and sent on to the city council for consideration in the four- hour meeting. Seven commissioners were present at the meeting with chairman Jared Peterson conducting.

3-1- Public hearing was held for Garrett Seeley’s request for Ridgeline Estates, a twelve- lot residential development located at 50 East, 1500 N. in a R-1-12 zone. A comment was made about the dangerous curve in the road. The developer said they would work with the city to alleviate the danger of the road. Robin Anderton, a citizen, addressed the commission with her concern about the gas line and meter.

The commission unanimously approved the development.


3-2- Andy Feldberg requested the planning commission recommend conditional use approval of PDQ Lehi site plan. This is a proposed fast food restaurant with drive-thru located at 3610 North Digital Drive in a commercial zone. “This is the first PDQ restaurant in Utah,” Feldberg said, “PDQ  has the best fries around and has the healthiest menu.”

This proposal drew many concerns from commissioners. Commissioner Matt Hemmert commented as an employee of Adobe, “there are traffic problems now without an additional fast food establishment,” commented Hemmert.

Jeremy Doyle, a representative of Adobe added, “North Utah County is the quick-serve capitol. We are happy to welcome PDQ as a good fast-food option.” He continued, “We are concerned with the additional traffic, the safety of employees of Adobe, and citizens who bike to work along the busy intersection.”


A new traffic study was suggested because so much has changed since the original traffic study was completed five years ago. Commissioner Seegmiller recommended postponing approval until a new traffic study is completed.

The commission approved the conditional use approval with 6 yeas and 1 nay.


3-3- Public hearing and consideration of Maverik Inc’s request for Maverik concept plan to be located at the southeast corner of Pioneer Crossing and 1100 W. in a commercial zone.

Two citizens came to make the commissioners aware of concerns. Larry Hadfield expressed concerns about the narrow road. “Is there any attempt by city to widen road?” said Hadfield. He felt children walking to and from school along that road could be in danger. “The waste ditch along the frontage of 1100 west is also problematic.”

Jennifer Davis expressed concern about no sidewalks for kids to walk or ride bikes to Maverik. Davis also requested a left turn lane into Maverik.

The City explained there is a plan to widen the road eventually as new developments are proposed. The developer will dedicate land for the widening of the road.

The concept plan was approved with 6 yeas and 1 nay.


3-4- Consideration of Mike Batt’s request for approval of revision to the construction drawing of Building K-1 of the Terrace at Traverse Mountain located at the northeast corner of Triumph Blvd and Cabela’s Blvd. in a planned community zone.

The building in consideration will be a Chase Bank.

The commissioners expressed concerns about the safety of pedestrians coming and going from the bank. Batt explained that many iterations of the plan had been drawn . He continued, “Sometimes exceptions to code needs to be made.”

The new plan received unanimous approval.

Fieldstone Homes Receives Approval of 134 Unit Development

3-5- Fieldstone Homes requests approval of the final concept plan of Canyon Trails HOA. The development will include 92 townhomes and 42 single family homes.

The original plan was revised to move the townhomes further up the canyon to adjust for the steep slope.

There were two public comments; one by letter and one by email.  Rob Ludlow spoke as a citizen of Traverse Mountain. “Our elementary school is already at capacity and with all the additional townhomes being built, there is not enough room.” He also expressed concern about the increased traffic, snow, and garbage removal. “Property values will be effected,” Ludlow continued.


Mike Batt, property owner defended the plan and reminded the commissioners that the plan met all zoning requirement and design standards.

The concept plan was unanimously approved.

Items 3-6, 3-7 and 3-8 were changes to the development code. All three changes were unanimously approved.

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