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City Council attendance for those seeking re-election shared



The primary election to narrow the field of 14 Lehi City Council candidates to six will be held on Tuesday, August 13. Ballots have been mailed to Lehi voters and may be mailed back now through Monday, August 12. Ballots may also be submitted at Lehi City Hall on election day.

From the six candidates who emerge with the most votes from the primary, three City Council seats will be filled in November’s general election. All three city council members whose four-year terms will end in December are seeking another term. Councilmember Paige Albrecht is seeking a second four-year term, Mike Southwick is asking voters for a third term, and Johnny Revill is seeking a fifth term.

The Lehi City Council generally meets twice a month. About once a quarter, “work sessions” are held, which are not formal city council meetings, but provide important background and information. Those work sessions can include field trips or special presentations where issues or developments are studied. Preparation, attendance, participation, and voting in these meetings is the cornerstone of the city council members’ duties.

The Lehi City Council meeting attendance record over the duration of the most recent terms of Albrecht, Southwick, and Revill is detailed below:


Total City Council Meetings-21

Albrecht, absent-2

Southwick, absent-1

Revill, absent-4

Total Work Sessions-5

All attended


Total City Council Meetings-21

Albrecht, absent-4

Southwick, absent-2

Revill, absent-4

Total Work Sessions-4

Albrecht, absent -0

Southwick, absent -0

Revill, absent -1


Total City Council Meetings-20

Albrecht, absent-2

Southwick, absent-3

Revill, absent-4

Total Work Sessions-6

All attended


Total City Council Meetings-12, (through July 9, 2019)

Albrecht, absent-0

Southwick, absent-0

Revill, absent-4

Total Work Sessions-3

All attended

Source: Lehi City public records and officially published minutes.

To determine the meeting attendance of those seeking reelection, City Council attendance was calculated starting in January 2016, through July 9, 2019. Over that time period, 74 regular Lehi City Council meetings have been held. The total attendance records of those seeking reelection are as follows: 

Albrecht: Eight absences over 74 meetings, or 89% attendance.

Southwick: Six absences over 74 meetings, or 92% attendance.

Revill: Sixteen absences over 74 meetings, or 78% attendance.

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