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Lehi woman educates thousands on healthier living



Lehi resident Karalynne Call, certified nutritionist and mental health advocate, has made it her mission to teach others how to find easy ways to eat clean. Through an event at the Ivory Clubhouse in Lehi in January, she taught over fifty people how to incorporate live yeast into everyday living. 

Call runs the Instagram account @justingredients. This page, with over 331,000 followers, is dedicated to helping consumers spot and purchase products with healthier, whole ingredients for their family’s use. Call is constantly posting healthy tips and tricks for improving health and nutrition with products we use on a daily basis, from candles to granola bars. 

In her Lehi class, taught with Laura from @lauralivesthegoodlife, Call dove into the many benefits of using live yeast in baking. Live yeast, also known as sourdough starter, wild yeast, active yeast, and by many other names, is simply flour and water that has fermented to allow the growth of bacteria. Once this yeast has fermented to a usable state, each serving has over five million lactobacillus bacteria that are superfoods for gut health. These bacteria are the key ingredient in making dough rise. This fermentation process creates a low pH environment which degrades the gluten and phytic acid in wheat, making the product easy to digest, nutritious, and gluten reduced. Many people who have gluten sensitivities have found success basking with live yeast due to the fact that 97% of gluten proteins have been broken down after 48 hours of fermentation. 

Call suggests adding a scoop of live yeast to whatever you are baking. Waffles, bread, muffins, etc.,–so you can benefit from the probiotics found in living bacteria. These probiotics will improve “gut health”, meaning more regular and improved digestion through nutrient absorption, which can also create benefits for mental health and immunity. 

For many, making the jump to a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting and overwhelming. Call suggests taking this change one step at a time, and one ingredient at a time. For example, parabens, often found in beauty products such as shampoo and body wash, have shown to cause hormone disruption which can cause cell division problems resulting in tumors. 

Call’s tip is to simply focus on removing that one unhealthy synthetic chemical from everyday life and once that has been successful, research and work on removing another harmful chemical, such as hydrogenated oil. “You would be shocked at how many items in your pantry have super scary ingredients that are dangerous to you and your family,” says Call, “but it’s so easy to make small changes that overtime will have huge results.”

Follow the accounts @justingredients and @lauralivesthegoodlife on Instagram for daily tips on how you can shop and cook healthier for you and your family.


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