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Garff Auto requests sign nearly 3x larger than allowable size



On Thursday, March 12, The Lehi Planning Commission is scheduled to hear a proposed conditional use request for a 70-foot electronic sign at the new Ken Garff Automotive Jaguar and Land Rover dealership, currently under construction at approximately 2300 North Ashton Boulevard in the Thanksgiving Point area, off 2100 North.

Ken Garff Automotive is requesting several exceptions to the City’s Development Code including the overall height of the sign. The proposed 70-foot sign, measured from the top of the sign to the sidewalk, exceeds the allowable 25 feet by nearly three times.

The second requested exception is regarding the total signage area. The proposed signage area is 794.3 square feet, which exceeds the maximum of 200 square feet allowed. Although the City Code does allow a size increase of up to 600 square feet for multi-tenant commercial projects, the requested exception is still over 30% larger than the maximum allowed signage area.

 The proposal’s third requested exception includes an electronic display area of 400 square feet. The Development Code allows multi-tenant projects to only use 50 percent of the allowable sign area for electronic displays.

The reason for the request, according to a letter from Ken Garff Auto and Yesco, stated “As we have worked to find the best solution for both Ken Garff and the City of Lehi, we have arrived at a concept that includes a single auto mall pylon sign [for] the development of three dealerships. We believe this to be a more tasteful solution to building individual pylon signs on each of the three properties.” 

The proposed sign is seven feet taller than the Mountain Point Medical Center sign, on the east side of I-15. The Planning Commission will be considering the conditional use request on Thursday evening. The public is welcome to attend and offer comments during the public input portion of the meeting.

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