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Alpine School District to report district-wide COVID-19 cases weekly



As of September 7, 2020, Alpine School District reported a total of 75 current positive COVID-19 cases. Alpine serves communities in 14 cities and in 92 schools. Here is a breakdown of the 75 current positive cases:

39 secondary students

6 elementary students

30 employees

For weekly COVID-19 positive caseload updates, please go to the ASD dashboard at The dashboard will be updated each Monday. 

For clarification of the decision to report district-wide numbers only, ASD explained that they are committed to protecting the privacy of all students and employees. In most cases, where there is a single positive case at a school, it is easily identifiable for individuals to be noticed when someone is missing from class or when their teacher has a substitute. Assumptions can be made, and it can negatively impact individuals. For this reason, ASD will continue to report elementary, secondary, and employee totals only, rather than by school site.

Although part of ASD’s Return to Learn plans are to track and tabulate numbers at individual schools, they cannot control what happens outside of the school day in the community and homes. Their efforts are to help minimize the transmission of COVID-19 at school.


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