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Process for selecting new Alpine School District superintendent outlined



When Alpine School District (ASD) Superintendent Samuel Jarman announced his retirement, the process began to select his successor. The selection process involves several groups and is overseen by Richard Stowell, Utah School Boards Association Executive Director. 

According to district policy, the superintendent is appointed by the ASD Board of Education and serves as the Board’s chief executive officer. The superintendent’s term of office is two years or until a successor is appointed or qualified.

The superintendent is required to hold an administrative/supervisory certificate issued by the State Board of Education and the ASD Board sets the superintendent’s compensation for services.

The current salary for the ASD superintendent is $225,570, not including benefits, according to ASD spokeswoman, Kimberly Bird. According to Utah’s official government website which details salaries and benefits of all state employees, (, Jarman’s compensation for 2019 was $219,750.00, plus benefits equaling $90,263.33, for a total compensation package of $310,013.33. 

Criteria for selection include the candidate’s experience, special capabilities, and personal characteristics.

According to the Utah Code (53A-3-301), the superintendent’s duties include:

Legal duties. The superintendent must be the budget officer of the Board. He/she must prepare and file with the Board of Education the district’s tentative budget with forms furnished by the state auditor and set forth in detail the revenues and expenditures of the preceding year and estimated revenue and expenditures for the next fiscal year. Superintendent shall cause an annual audit to be made.


ASD policy guidelines (2131), state that specific duties of the ASD superintendent are:

  1. Responsible to Board of Education for conduct of schools

2. Supervise all divisions of school systems

3. Coordinate all functions of district

4. Attend all meetings of Board of Education

5. Nominate to the Board district personnel, principals, teachers, and other employees

6. Give necessary direction and guidance of all employees in carrying out policies, plans, and regulations adopted by Board of Education

7. Initiate and present to Board in collaboration with employees, suggestions, policies, and plans to improve schools in Alpine School District

8. Recommend salary schedules

9. Recommend purchase of textbooks


10. Renovation and beautification as needed

11. Recommend to Board changes in school boundaries as needs arise

12. Work on other educational projects and assignments as needs arise and as directed by Board.

The entire selection process is overseen by Richard Stowell, Executive Director of the Utah School Boards Association.

The District is seeking qualified candidates. The candidates must submit a formal letter indicating a desire to be considered as a candidate for the position; a complete set of transcripts; three professional letters of recommendation; a current resume including accomplishments as an administrator; and the application form, which can be found on

The information should be submitted to:

Richard Stowell, Utah School Boards Association Executive Director

860 East 9085 South


Sandy, Utah 84094

In the past, a committee of citizens, past school board members, PTA representatives and local parents serve as a review committee to review applications and rate applicants. Recommendations are then sent to Stowell, who compiles the results and submits them to the ASD board.

The deadline for applications is September 28, 2020. The new superintendent is expected to be announced on October 27, 2020. The new superintendent will assume official duties on July 1, 2021.

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