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Alpine School District makes schedule changes for secondary schools, including distance learning on Wednesdays



Parents of ASD Secondary Students,

We are a few days away from the end of the first term. Whether your student is attending school face to face or online, thank you for your partnership in helping your student engage in the learning process. We also appreciate your help and support in following safety guidelines in our communities. Our goal is to keep our students in school. 

We are making some changes to the educational model at our secondary schools for term 2. Please read through the following:

  1. The numbers of COVID-19 cases have increased in Utah County over the past few weeks. We are working in partnership with the Utah County Health Department and our community leaders to slow the spread while providing a safe environment for students and employees. Because of the high numbers in Utah County, the UCHD has suggested that we explore a different model for our secondary schools for term 2. Since our goal is to keep students in school, the model for term 2 will allow students to be in school 4 days a week with one day being used to sanitize the school while teachers work with their online students.  When an individual school reaches 15 positive COVID cases, we continue to communicate with the UCHD and collaboratively discuss the rolling numbers (the amount of cases that drop off within the next 2-3 days). If the numbers remain at 15 or higher, the school will temporarily be placed on a hybrid model where students will attend for 2-days per week with half the number of students in school each day. The numbers at the elementary schools do not warrant a change in the current educational model they are following.
  2. The change for Term 2 is that all secondary schools in ASD (junior high/middle schools and high schools) will be on the following modified schedule: Secondary Second Quarter. Face to face students will attend school on a modified schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The last hour of the day will be teacher collaboration on Mondays, while Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will be used for face to face intervention time for teachers and students. Wednesday will be a distance learning day with students working from home and teachers working at the school.  
DayB DayDistance Learning DayA DayB Day
CollaborationIntervention InterventionIntervention
  1. After school extra-curricular activities will continue under the current “Return to Play” guidelines following contract time. This includes arts, athletics, clubs and other activities. Drivers Education range and road will continue outside of teacher contract hours. With this change, students that are online will receive instruction from a teacher at their school. Working with their collaborative team, teachers are responsible for the students registered in their classes – face to face, online, during quarantine, etc. Students will no longer be referred to East Shore (except for credit recovery and acceleration), or Alpine Online. No additional students will be added to the district supported online model. Those that are currently enrolled online through these models will have the option to continue. On Wednesdays, teachers will work with online students and engage students that are quarantined or absent and are not experiencing face to face instruction.
  2. After school extra-curricular activities will continue under the current “Return to Play” guidelines following contract time. This includes arts, athletics, clubs and other activities. Drivers Education range and road will continue outside of teacher contract hours.
  3. October 20 and 21 will be transition days for teachers to prepare for the model to begin on October 22. Secondary students will not attend school on the two transition days. 
  4. More information about the plans for term 2 will be shared with you by your school principals.

We were excited to learn yesterday that state officials approved the appeal about the length of quarantines when students are exposed while they are in class wearing a mask. The new guideline states that when a student is put on a 14-day quarantine, they are now able to get tested for COVID-19 after seven days. If the test comes back negative and they are not showing any symptoms, they can come back to school. The Rapid tests are being distributed state-wide for this purpose. Being tested is optional and with parent approval. Tests will need to be taken through an official testing site. Those that choose not to take the test can come back to school once the 14-day quarantine has expired. See the ASD website for more information.

As a district leadership team, our responsibility is  to focus on three things: physical safety of students and employees, the social and emotional well-being of all, and the instruction and learning that needs to take place. We know that it has been challenging for many secondary students to stay engaged in the learning process while they have been absent from school or doing things online. If your student chose an online option and is finding it challenging to engage in the learning, we invite them to return to school face to face. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in doing all that we can to help our students engage in the learning process.

We appreciate you and the important role that you play when it comes to the academic success of your student. This is a challenging time for everyone. We are confident that, in working together, we can continue to provide a great education for all of our secondary students. 

Rhonda Bromley, Assistant Superintendent 7-12

Tim Brantley, Jeff Schoonover and  David H. Smith, Secondary Supervisors


Brian Jolley, Secondary Curriculum Director

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