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Stacy Bateman talks goals for new role on Alpine School District Board



Stacy Bateman will join the Alpine School District Board after defeating incumbent Scott Carlson earlier this month in the General Election. Bateman will represent the Lehi and Skyridge clusters. 

Lehi Free Press: How did you celebrate the win?

Stacy Bateman: Honestly, the week went on with all the things that were already on the calendar. Meetings, events and family commitments went on as planned. With every call, text or email of congratulations, I tucked the messages away in my memory to keep with me. I felt so much gratitude for the amazing people who have supported me. Maybe several mini celebrations are a better description of what actually happened. I also went out to dinner with my husband and some good friends.

LFP: What is the top issue facing ASD?

SB: Growth. Sometimes it feels like as soon as we build a school, we are ready for a new one. I really want west Lehi to know that I see their needs. We need a new elementary school (or two). We also need a new high school. We need to alleviate some of the pressure from our schools so we can get them to more manageable numbers. If we want our kids to succeed, we need to give their teachers the tools to get them there. That includes the right size building for everyone to be in and all of the things that go in the building. 

LFP: How do you plan to assist in the Superintendent transition?

SB: The most important part of the transition will be the relationship I have with the other board members and the board’s working relationship with Superintendent Farnsworth. As the new board member, I will need to find my place in the dynamic as we come together as a cohesive group. I have known Superintendent Farnsworth for years, and I love his leadership style. He is well respected by so many. I’m glad we have an established relationship, as that will help us as we work together in our new roles. At the end of the day, we all want to see our employees and students be successful, and I think that desire will drive our work. I believe that thoughtful decision- making is what contributes to the success of any organization. While he is often the smartest person in the room, he always listens to the people around him. In the last month, he has always been available to listen to my concerns and dialogue with me. I am so excited to see where we go as a district over the next few years. 


LFP: What is the goal you would like to see accomplished in your first year?

SB: I feel very strongly about pursuing a bond. We need schools on the west side to accommodate all of our students. We also have schools across the district in need of upgrades. As we look at the ten-year plan and prioritize which things need to be addressed first, a bond will allow us to do the work that needs to be done. As we look at the pieces to pursuing a bond, one of the most important things is the way we communicate with our stakeholders. In previous years, ASD has done a great job outlining what the bond will cover and then doing a bond accountability report as we near the end of the cycle. As we seek feedback from all stakeholders, we will strengthen that relationship moving forward. 

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