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Bod Pod at Rage Fitness revolutionizes weight loss



“I’m trying to change mindsets and get the focus off weight loss. I want people to focus on fat loss. Most of us don’t have a weight problem–we have a fat problem,” explained Kenny Knight, owner of Rage Fitness. “The idea is to build muscle and lose fat.”

Knight’s gym, next to Kohler’s on Main Street, now has one of only a few Bod Pods in the state of Utah. The Bod Pod is a sophisticated device that provides a body composition test to accurately measures the body’s lean body mass (muscle, bones and organs), body fat percentage and energy expenditure results (how many calories your body burns per day). The pod, a small capsule with only room for one person, uses air displacement technology and has proven to be more accurate in body composition measurement than hydrostatic, underwater weighing.

“Sometimes, people can be so focused on losing weight that they don’t care about losing muscle. That’s not necessarily healthy,” Knight continued. One way he is changing that mindset is by having clients get their body fat tested before a fitness challenge. “People can see how lean they’re looking without losing any weight.” 

Recently, a Rage Fitness client measured her body fat a second time after several weeks of regular workouts. The scale said the woman had lost seven pounds after all that work. The Bod Pod revealed that she’d actually lost 18 lbs. of fat and gained 11 lbs. of muscle. “That’s the beauty of this machine,” Knight explained. “You can see the results in the mirror, and the scale won’t tell you any of that. The scale is a bad judge of progress.”

A body fat test in the Bod Pod is part of Knight’s latest fitness challenge at Rage, “Drop it Like it’s Hot.” The eight-week challenge can be done at home and includes a 60-day nutrition plan. Not surprisingly, this challenge is about losing body fat, not just pounds. “The Bod Pod gives you a cheat sheet to know how many calories you’re burning every day and how many calories you need to consume to maintain.”

To schedule a Bod Pod composition scan, go to and to join the “Drop it Like it’s Hot” fitness challenge, go to the Rage Fitness Facebook page.

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