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Lehi and Skyridge athletes prepare to compete at state meet



Lehi and Skyridge athletes meeting the qualification standards will compete at the Utah State Championships on May 18-19 at Davis High School.

Last week’s region meets were the final opportunity to qualify for the state competition. Athletes are able to participate in the state meet by achieving specific marks at sanctioned invitational events or by placing at region championship meets (top four in Region 4 and top five in Region 7).

Several Skyridge and Lehi athletes are in a good position to earn medals at the state championships. The following athletes and relay teams are ranked in the top eight in their classifications going into the state meet.

6A: Skyridge Girls Rankings

100m: 4-Tiale McGee; 400m: 6-Ally Blackham, 8-Kylie Olsen; 300m Hurdles: 7-Mia Kauffman; 800m: 4-Kylie Olsen; Discus: 8-Carly Hodge; Shot Put: 5-Malia Niumatalolo; Pole Vault: 6 (tie)-Ariana Baker, Savanna Crandall; 4x100m Relay: 2; 4x200m Relay: 2; 4x400m Relay: 2.

6A: Skyridge Boys Rankings

100m: 3-Smith Snowden; 200m: 5-Smith Snowden; 800m: 7-Connor Storrs; 800m: 4-Connor Storrs, 6-Max Davis; 1600m: 3-Max Davis, 6-Creed Thompson, 8-Davin Thompson; 3200m: 1-Max Davis, 4-Creed Thompson, 5-Davin Thompson, 6-Seth Wallgren; Javelin: 2-Matt Taylor; Long Jump: 4-James Palmer, 8-Benton Goodwin; 4x100m Relay: 3; 4x200m Relay: 4; 4x400m Relay: 7; 4x800m Relay: 3.


5A: Lehi Girls Rankings

100m: 1-Sarah Ballard; 200m: 1-Sarah Ballard; 400m: 2-Sarah Ballard; 800m: 5-Caroline Moon; 1600m: 4-Caroline Moon; Discus: 6-Melia Finken; Long Jump: 1-Sarah Ballard; 4x400m Relay: 3.

5A: Lehi Boys Rankings

110m Hurdles: 8 (tie)- Ben Johansen; 300m Hurdles: 1-Isaiah Tauai; Discus: 2-Teague Andersen; Shot Put: 3-Teague Andersen; 4x400m Relay: 5.

Region Championships

The combined Skyridge boys and girls track and field team placed second at the Region 4 championships at American Fork on May 12-13. The Lehi team took fifth at the Region 7 meet on the same days at Orem.

Skyridge, Region 4

Girls Results


100m Hurdles: 3-Marie Alaimo 16.25 sec, 6-Tori Smart 17.32 sec; 100m: 2-Tiale McGee 12.15 sec, 5-Regan Morris 12.69 sec, 6-Rachel Foster 12.77 sec; 200m: 4-Regan Morris 26.52 sec, 5-Rachel Foster 26.56 sec; 400m: 3-Ally Blackham 58.94 sec; 300m Hurdles: 2-Mia Kauffman 47.85 sec, 5-Tori Smart 49.15 sec, 6-Emma Greenwood 49.52 sec, 7-Marie Alaimo 49.65 sec; 800m: 7-Halle Mehr 2:27.70; High Jump: Tess Walker 4-05.00 ft; Shot Put: 4-Malia Niumatalolo 34-05.00 ft, 6-Emma Meyer 30-00.00 ft, 7- Erika Leavitt 28-07.00 ft; Javelin: 6-Emma Meyer 97-05 ft, 7-Miley Richards 89-06 ft; Pole Vault: 3-Ariana Baker 10-03.00 ft, 4-Savanna Crandall 10-03.00 ft, 6-Desiree Whitehead 9-03.00 ft, 7-Miley Richards 8-09.00 ft; Discus: 1-Carly Hodge 109-00 ft, 5-Emma Meyer 87-08 ft, 8-Malia Niumatalolo 78-10 ft; Long Jump: 7-Brooklyn Harrison 15-15.00 ft, 8-Ariana Baker 15-04.50 ft; 4x100m Relay: 1-49.27 sec; 4x200m Relay: 3-1:48.01; 4x400m Relay: 4-4:11.40; 4x800m Relay: 5-Halle Mehr, Trina Fix, Gabrielle Love, Ally Welsh 10:22.83.

Boys Results

110m Hurdles: 5-Jacob Smart 16.27 sec, 7-Nathan Athay 17.63 sec; 100m: 2-Smith Snowden 10.90 sec, 5-McCae Hillstead 11.25 sec, 7-Coleman Beck 11.40 sec; 200m: 4-Smith Snowden 23.03 sec, 5-Coleman Beck 23.23 sec; 400m: 2-Jarren Barfuss 51.41 sec; 300m Hurdles: 4-Nathan Athay 42.57 sec; 800m: 4-Seth Kjar 1:58.68, 5-Jayden Gibson 1:58.72; 1600m: 3-Jarren Barfuss 4:28.50; 3200m: 4-Jonah Denison 9:47.30; Discus: 2-Maka Fainga 134-01 ft, 5-Jhamen Finau 130-01 ft, 6-Misi Sika 123-01 ft; Long Jump: 2-James Palmer 21-10.00 ft, 3-Benton Goodwin 21-04.00 ft, 4-Parker Christensen 20-01.00 ft, 6-Joshua Greenwood 19-08.00 ft, 8-Broc Bennett 8-18-09.00 ft; High Jump: 4-JD Logan 6-01.00 ft, 5-Saxon Higbee 5-11.00 ft; Shot Put: 5-Maka Fainga 45-11.00 ft, 6-Misi Sika 44-07.00 ft, 7-Jhamen Finau 44-02.00 ft; Javelin: 1-Matt Taylor 160-00 ft, 3-Whit Slack 148-02 ft, 8-Joseph Brandt 131-04 ft; Pole Vault: 6-Jackson Pollmann 10-03.00 ft; Aidan Sutton 9-09.00 ft; 4x100m Relay: 2-42.84 sec; 4x200m Relay: 4-1:35.65; 4x400m Relay: 4-3:31.05; 4x800m Relay: 5-Devan Greene, Issac Jensen, Kabe Jensen, Cole Harmon 9:17.99.

Lehi, Region 7

Girls Results

100m: 1-Sarah Ballard 12.37 sec; 200m: 1-Sarah Ballard; 7-Rosa Welch – No times recorded. Timer malfunction; 1600m: 8-Hailey Barlow 5:25.95; 3200m: 3-Hailey Barlow 11:33.67; Long Jump: 1-Sarah Ballard 17-03.00 ft, 5-Rosa Welch 16-00.00 ft; High Jump: 5-Lucee Peterson 4-07.00 ft, 8-Hailey James 4-03.00 ft; Discus: 2-Melia Finken 90-09.25 ft; 4x400m Relay: 2-Rosa Welch, Mia Richards, Caroline Moon, Sarah Ballard 4:13.15; 4x800m Relay: 4-Hailey Barlow, Emma Jorgensen, Mia Richards, Caroline Moon 10:08.05.

Boys Results

110m Hurdles: 3-Benjamin Johansen 16.13 sec, 5-Isaiah Tauai 16.22 sec, 7-Elijah Earl 16.35 sec; 100m: 4-Izak Harward 11.4 sec; 300m Hurdles: 1-Isaiah Tauai 40.28 sec, 7-Benjamin Johansen 42.65; 1600m: 7-Jefferson McMullin 4:25.48; 3200m: 7-Tyler Martin 10:08.92; Long Jump: 5-Robert Nelson 20-01.75 ft; Shot Put: 3-Teague Andersen 51-10.50 ft; Discus: 2-Teague Andersen 153-05 ft; 4x100m Relay: 6-Isaiah Allen, Izak Harward, Boston Fabrizio, Kyle Burtt 46.03 sec; 4x200m Relay: 5-Isaiah Tauai, Robert Nelson, Isaiah Allen, Izak Harward 1:35.03; 4x400m Relay: 3-Robert Nelson, Kyle Burtt, Benjamin Johansen, Isaiah Tauai 3:29.75; 4x800m Relay: 4-Jefferson McMullin, Caden Barlow, Noah Begay, Nathan Palmer 8:37.83.


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