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Utah Lake Algae Bloom warnings announced



Utah Lake is once again home to dangerous algal bloom. Over the last few weeks, The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has announced several warnings for various Utah Lake beaches and marinas. 

DWQ teams observed harmful algal blooms on July 7 at American Fork Beach, American Fork Marina near the boat ramp, Saratoga Springs Marina boat ramp and picnic areas, Lindon Beach, south of Lindon Marina near the south dike, Lindon Marina Beach, north of the Utah Lake State Park near north dike, Provo Bay entrance Lincoln Marina, and the beach north of the Lincoln Marina. 

According to the DWQ, harmful algal blooms may look like pea soup, green or blue paint, or have a scum layer or mats/foam floating on the surface. The water may also appear in shades of green, blue-green, yellow, brown, or red.

Those who wish to still recreate in Utah Lake areas where algal blooms have been observed are warned to observe the following safety tips: 

Don’t swim in water that appears to have a harmful algal bloom.

Don’t boat, water ski, or jet-ski on scummy water. These activities can cause toxins to become airborne, increasing the likelihood you will inhale them.

Don’t let children play with scum in the water or along the shore.


Don’t let pets or livestock swim in or drink from scummy waters.

When in doubt, stay out.

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