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Box Bite brings bites of Brazil to Northern Utah County



As Lehi and the surrounding area continue to grow, so does the food scene. The newest place is Box Bites located at 323 NW State Street between Quick Quack Car Wash and Wallaby’s near the border of Lehi and American Fork. 

“Our bites are small round flatbread that come in assorted flavors from savory to sweet. Its origination is from the Middle East and was brought over to Brazil. They are a popular dish in Brazil and are called esfihas,” said co-founders Marcello and Dave who formed a partnership to start the food concern.Marcello is a native Brazilian and Dave comes from the food industry.

The esfihas are a unique cross between the shape of a kolache and the taste and ingredients of a traditional pizza. 

I came across the new establishment on social media and decided to try it. I arrived on a weekday in the mid-afternoon and was greeted by Marcello with a welcoming smile and Brazilian accent. After finding out it was my first visit, he gave me a menu run down. It offers nearly 30 different “bites”options from savory to sweet. 

The variety includes “the original” with beef, tomato and onion, “the rooster” with chicken, cream cheese, roasted corn and oregano, “the sunshine” with arugula, cheese and sun-dried tomato, the “uncle mozzy” with mozzarella and garlic butter and sweet options including the “Nutella strawberry.”

We decided on “the rooster,” the “uncle mozzy” the “bacon bite” and “Nutella.” The bites are freshly made to order, so you’ll need a little patience as they take a little bit of time. The dough was soft and cooked perfectly with just the right quantity of toppings. The small bites pack a punch of flavor. My wife’s favorite was “the rooster,” mine was the “bacon bite.” Yum! 

The prices range from $2 to $3.25 per bite or patrons can create their own dozen for $28. 

Despite only being open for a month, rave reviews are plentiful.


“This place is so so good; we keep craving it and my kids keep begging me to come back. There’s something for everyone,” Amanda James posted. 

“Absolutely loved box bite! Got 12 different kinds to try and they were all great! Really friendly and helpful staff which makes the experience all the better, going back to try more!”wrote Caleb Moore. 

It was my first time trying this place or an esfihas for that matter and I will be back. I’ve got many more flavors to try. Give them a visit!

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