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Take Your Utah Business To The Next Level With These Trends of 2022



Take Your Business To The Next Level With These Trends of 2022

With every passing year, technology becomes increasingly more advanced. Artificial intelligence and updates to SEO algorithms are just the beginning.

Marketers, advertisers, and sales have to stay current with the ever-evolving trends to keep their businesses current. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends in 2022 to consider adding to your business model.

1. Create A Mobile App

There are huge benefits to creating a mobile app for your business. The most critical one is to enhance the user experience for your customer. Consumers can now have easier access to making purchases or redeeming points to use for future rewards.

Custom software development allows you to create a mobile app that fits the specific needs of your business to help build stronger brand awareness and to stand out from the competition.

2. Live Stream On Social Media

When the live stream function first came out on Facebook in 2006, people were unsure how to use it. But now, it’s changed the way businesses connect with their customers. Social media has become less of a space to share personal photos and more of a place to find community online through common interests.

Live streams on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube provide a different kind of connection where customers can interact with people from the company.

This makes them more inclined to make a purchase because they’re driven by a heightened emotional connection to your business.


3. Start A Podcast

A stand-alone business won’t thrive unless it figures out a way to set itself up as an industry leader. More individuals and small businesses have started podcasts since the start of the pandemic. But even more people have become regular listeners.

According to a recent report, 424.2 million people around the world listen to podcasts every month. It’s a way to provide more detailed insight within your niche that can be helpful to your clientele.

You can now have a platform to share important knowledge or tap into other people’s audiences by bringing experts on as guests.

4. NFTs

The latest trend in blockchain technology is the use of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These are items that can’t be exchanged for something else, such as currency.

They’re extremely popular in the world of digital art. These items are unique and there is only one of them available, which makes them a commodity and much more valuable.

Businesses are taking this as an opportunity to create collectible items to be bid on. Charmin, for instance, created a digital NFT where users on Twitter could bid for the item. All bids would then be donated to charity, which also enhances their social impact initiatives.

5. Social Commerce

The fewer clicks a potential customer needs to make a purchase, the more likely they are to follow through rather than abandon their cart.

A big trend that’s taking place in digital marketing is making the shift toward social commerce. This means utilizing social networks as a platform for people to buy products directly from their profiles.


For example, small businesses now have an opportunity to sell their products directly on their Instagram shop. While this feature of Instagram was released during the pandemic, it wasn’t accessible to smaller businesses until recently.

6. Simplifying Your Content

There are billions of pieces of content being generated online every single day. The oversaturation has made it difficult for people to decipher the good from the bad. But quality content doesn’t mean it needs to be over complicated.

In 2022, simple has become more effective. The idea is to remain clear on what you’re publishing. Search engines are more prone to showcase content to viewers when it focuses on user experience. Make your content informative but concise.


While we’re midway into 2022, we’ve already learned a lot about how buying behaviors are changing with the evolution of technology. Ensure everything is secure by using an enterprise password manager.

Video content, mobile applications, and NFTs all surround one main idea: focus on the user experience. Simplify your content and create unique opportunities for consumers they can’t get elsewhere.

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