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Lehi’s Volt Cycle Wear: A company built on passion



Sarah Maginnis | Lehi Free Press

In 2018, Daniel Hendriksen and Kelly Holladay combined their talents to create Volt Cycle Wear, a company providing anything and everything a cyclist wears while biking. From customized team uniforms to matching bags, Volt equips even the most adventurous cyclist with high-quality but reasonably priced gear. Given the overwhelming popularity of both road and mountain biking in Lehi, many locals have developed a love of the sport and have supported this new Lehi-based startup.

The foundation of their company was built on Hendriksen and Holladay’s passion for cycling. They wanted to produce customized merchandise for less hassle and less expense than currently available. Volt creates gear for schools all over the country, including local schools such as Lehi High School and Lehi Junior High School. By helping to give the younger generation of cyclists a positive experience, Hendriksen and Holladay are hoping to further develop the growing sport. 

“We have our own kids coming up through the program,” Holladay said. “We want to see the sport evolve and see thousands of kids getting into mountain biking because it’s a sport they can love until the day they die. This has been ourpassion for decades and we want to pass that to future generations and foster a love of the outdoors.”

Having their children involved in mountain biking has pushed the business partners to keep bettering their company and working through the challenges it presents. When asked about the most significant hurdles with the creation of Volt, Hendriksen answered, “I think it’s more like a thousand little things–making sure that everything is sized appropriately and that our customers stay informed throughout the ordering process. Even little things like the stitching on certain products is something we must pay attention to.”

Volt sells customized gear to individuals, teams, clubs and wholesale to cycling stores. 

Holladay elaborates on how growing their business has been a trial-and-error process. “We are always trying to figure out how to do things better and more efficiently,” Holladay said. “Trying different things on products to figure out how we can best provide the right type of information and processes for our clients continues to be a daily effort from the both of us.”


Founded on a passion for cycling, Volt is always improving its customized gear and the relationship with its customers. Hendriksen and Holladay spread this passion to global cycling enthusiasts at

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