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Lehi ranks #3 for small cities with the largest wage gap; #2 for lowest divorce rate



In recent data from, Lehi has been named one of the top 10 small cities with the most significant wage gap in the US. Interestingly, Lehi also topped the list of cities with the lowest divorce rates, showing an interesting correlation.

The gender pay gap remains a persistent problem nationally, with women earning less than men across most industries and professions. While this wage disparity exists in both large and small cities, some areas may have a more significant gap than others.

According to government statistics, there are ten small cities (cities with a population of 50,000-250,000) where this problem is the highest. Lehi ranked #3 with an average wage gap of $35,918. This difference shows a 45% gap between men’s and women’s annual earnings. 

The report analyzed federal data to calculate the wage gap between the median earnings for males working full-time, year-round, and their female counterparts. A difference was taken to calculate the wage gap.

Daniel Tannenbaum, Founder at Pheabs, commented, “Equal pay is essential, as it can affect people’s ability to save money, support their families and keep up with the cost of living. While the wage gap is getting smaller, we can only hope that cities across the US do everything they can to decrease the wage gap nationwide.”

The findings leave one factor to be explored. Is there a significant link between the wage gap and divorce rates, or is it a mere coincidence? Are Lehi women pressured to maintain marital relationships due to financial obligations, or are Lehi couples genuinely happier in their marriages? 

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