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Mayor presents new city flag designs; Council seeks public input



“We need a new flag, other than a logo on a bedsheet,” said Mayor Mark Johnson during a City Council meeting in May when he proposed creating a new flag for Lehi.

“It’s hard to come up with symbology that everyone recognizes. We want to keep it green and blue. The green represents our agricultural past, and the blue represents the future and the high-tech industry. I think we should stick with those,” said Johnson during the August 1 City Council and Planning Commission work session when presenting his flag designs.

Johnson and the Council want to create a new Lehi flag that meets the Vexillology standards for flag design.

Vexillology, or the study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags, includes five design pillars:

• Keep it simple.

• Use meaningful symbolism.

• Use two or three basic colors.

• No lettering or seals.


• Be distinctive.

Mayor Johnson presented several options, including symbols of sugar beets, a longtime agriculture staple for the city, and the bucking bronco, similar to the statue from the roundabout at 500 W and Main Street.

The City Council wasn’t sold on the initial designs, and Councilwoman Katie Koivisto suggested seeking ideas and submissions from the public. The Councilors all agreed.

“We may not choose from anything submitted, but it would be good to involve the residents,” concluded Councilman Paul Hancock.

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