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Alpine School District Superintendent recommends keeping district as one in video to staff



On Thursday, May 30, Alpine School District (ASD) Superintendent Shane Farnsworth sent a video to all employees announcing his recommendation to keep the district whole. The announcement was the first public stance by Farnsworth regarding the pending district split vote.

“Alpine School District is a viable, responsive, fiscally well-managed and high-achieving school district,” said Farnsworth.

“A significant majority of employees and patrons in the MGT polling and surveys expressed a desire to remain as one consolidated district. Additionally, the recommendation of myself and the senior leadership team of the district is to remain as one consolidated district,” continued Farnsworth.

The video message to employees comes as the community is in the middle of a potential district split. The ASD Board is currently studying a two-way district split, which would essentially keep the district intact except for a new district in the west for Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Fairfield and Cedar Fort. 

Cities in the north and west part of the district are considering a three-way district split, which would create a western district with Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Cedar Fort and Fairfield and a central district with Lehi, Highland, Alpine, Cedar Hills and American Fork.  

“The Superintendent shared the staff recommendation to the Board that Alpine School District remain a single consolidated district. That recommendation reflects the study, expertise and advice of the District Leadership Team. We believe that the opportunities and challenges faced by the district are best addressed with the resources available in a consolidated district,” said ASD Communications Director Rich Stowell when reached for comment Friday evening. 

When asked if the Board approved Farnsworth’s video message to district staff, Stowell said, “The day-to-day operations of the district are under the purview of the Superintendent and his staff. We regularly communicate with employees via email and other formats. The video message sent to employees was in response to questions that employees had raised about the process of a configuration decision. We owe it to our employees to share information that affects their employment, and we strive to be transparent and maintain the high levels of trust we have developed with all of our employees.”


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