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Letters to the Editor: Challenge to Anderegg



Dear Editor,

In your recent article about education funding and teacher shortage, I found the remarks by Mr. Anderegg highly insulting. He contends anyone can teach. I have spent 35 years teaching, coaching and loving every minute with the students I have been entrusted to teach.

I challenge Mr. Anderegg to spend one week in a classroom. He will be surprised to find teaching is not only a challenging profession, but one that requires special talents, personality, and skills. Being an excellent teacher is an art and a science. To think that “anyone in the private sector can teach circles around a trained teacher,” is not only false but disparaging to those in the teaching profession.

Mr. Anderegg, you will find in your week of teaching not all can teach, but it seems to me, anyone can be a legislator.


Barbara Brown
Lehi High School Alumni
American Falls, Idaho