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Lehi Arts presents ‘Clue the Musical’



Every fall the Lehi Arts Council presents a show that is perfect for the season. This year the murder mystery ‘Clue the Musical’ will be performed at the Lehi Arts Center Theater from Friday, October 20 to Monday, October 30 at 7:30 p.m.

The 1985 movie “Clue” was based on the murder mystery board game that came out first in England in 1949 and later became a Parker Brothers classic game in the United States. The object of the game is to determine who murdered Mr. Boddy, where the crime took place, and what weapon was used. In the movie and the musical version of Clue, six characters are invited to a dinner party at Hill House. Mr. Boddy is blackmailing everyone at the party; Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet. The butler, Wadsworth, and the maid, Yvette, are also involved in the mystery. Mr. Boddy turns up dead and the game is on to figure out who killed him.

The music in ‘Clue the Musical’ fleshes out the stories of each of the characters and their relationships to each other. The Lehi Arts production features not just great acting talent, but outstanding singing. There is an added element of suspense for the actors and the audience since no one knows beforehand how it will end.

“I’m very excited about the cast – they’ve got a huge challenge to learn so many possible endings. It will be fun to watch them think on their feet! It’s a perfect interactive murder mystery for the Halloween season,” said co-director Paige Albrecht. The audience gets to select cards for the suspect, room and weapon and place the cards in the “confidential” envelope before the show starts. The audience even gets to play along on their Clue “worksheets” on the back of the program just like the board game. Each show will be unique with 216 potential outcomes.

Kurt Elison shares directing duties with Albrecht, with choreography by Jeanna Cunningham Bronson, piano accompaniment by Katie Hatch Allen, and costumes by Mariah Tonelle Knittle. Get tickets at the box office or order them online at The Lehi Arts Center is located at 685 N. Center Street in Lehi.

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