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Sensei Trail in Traverse Mountain to open Saturday for National Trails Day



Locals combine effort to create trail system in North Lehi

The Traverse Mountain Trails Association will celebrate the opening of the newly named Sensei Trail in Lehi and reveal the $2 million master plan for the Traverse Mountain trail system on Saturday, June 1 at 10 a.m. The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the Vialetto/East Trailhead.

Monique Robbins and Lori McIntosh Le began the process to get the Sensei Trail done by writing and winning a grant from the National Park Service on behalf of Lehi City. The Traverse Mountain Trails Association (TMTA), headed by association members Dustin Martinez, Shelby McCune, and Chad Biesinger, gathered a volunteer group of about 150, consisting of the Skyridge Mountain Bike Team, the Lehi High Mountain Bike Team, and the Skyridge Metal Mashers Team, to add the finishing touches on the trail.

The ribbon-cutting event includes an open invitation to the community to participate in a mountain bike, run, or walk along the new five-mile Sensei Trail starting at the Vialetto Trailhead and ending at the Toll Brothers Canyon Point at Traverse Mountain.

The TMTA, a non-profit, has been working in partnership with Lehi City to master-plan and fund a 60-mile network of trails on Traverse Mountain. Development of the trail system requires a $2 million investment, which will come from private and public funds as well as grants. The network will connect to the Corner Canyon trail system in Draper and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST).

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