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Local company takes steps to keep people working, eating



A Lehi company, Four Foods Group, which includes the brands R&R BBQ, Mo’Bettahs Hawaiian, and Swig, along with local investors, has committed $1 million to keep the restaurants’ doors open, keep 1,400 employees working, and provide food to the community. 

According to a press release, “The Savory Fund restaurant portfolio is adapting well and is confident we will survive this unforeseen challenge and emerge even stronger. Unfortunately, modified operations would normally lead to reduced hours for our employees or outright layoffs. Many of our colleagues in the restaurant industry have already taken drastic steps to reduce costs by letting go far too many dedicated and hard-working employees.”

The FFG has committed $750,000 to the fund. Greg Warnock and Andrew K. Smith, managing directors of the Savory Fund, have committed a matching $250,000 for a total of $1,000,000.

“These funds are earmarked toward current Savory portfolio team members to extend the runway and provide security during these difficult times,” stated Warnock. Andrew added, “We commit to keeping our employees engaged whether serving customers, serving each other, or serving the community that has been so good to us. We need to keep working! We can do this while still being socially conscious and by taking extreme safety measures for our employees and guests. We want our employees to continue to have purpose and direction, and this provides some relief during this very uncertain time.”

Shauna Smith, president and co-founder of FFG, said, “We will keep our team working and delivering meals to those in need. We will be here for the heroes that are working hard in hospitals and other medical facilities, not to mention the employees of essential businesses like Costco, Walmart, and Smith’s. They are all sacrificing to support this fight.”

“Savory and its portfolio of brands are committed to seeing this through and hiring more individuals once this crisis passes to fuel new economic growth. We are all in this together,” states the press release. “Join us in our commitment to keep everyone working and emerge even stronger having weathered this storm.”

The $1 million has been allocated, funded and is currently being deployed.


Dinner Relief Packs Offered at a big discount

FFG’s Mo’Bettahs Hawaiian and R&R BBQ along with Costa Vida restaurants announced on March 23 they will offer dinners that feed up to eight people (six people generously) for only $25.  “We want to re-emphasize that the coronavirus cannot be transmitted through food,” said Costa Vida CEO Dave Butler. 

The dinner relief pack program is available to business owners, church congregations, those working in essential retail businesses, those taking care of others, including the elderly and the sick, and those working in the medical field. “We want to keep Utah working, to stay healthy, eat well and stay home,” said Andrew Smith, of the Savory Fund and co-founder at FFG.  “These dinner packs are offered at a huge discount,” he added. “We don’t want anyone to go hungry.  We are also going to post creative ways you can use the leftovers for additional meals during the week.”

According to the website, “We exist because of You! You have taken care of us all of these years. Now it is our turn to take care of you. These packs were designed to provide a warm, delicious meal to families at minimal cost. This is not to profit our businesses. But it does give our employees purpose, work and hope. Let’s keep Utah working, and you safe and eating well.”

For more details or to register for the program go to and sign up for the dinner relief program.

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