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Former City streets boss embezzlement case moves forward



Former Lehi Streets Superintendent, Wade Allred and his cousin, Adam Lake, both had initial court appearances on Wednesday June 10. Allred was represented by Lehi defense attorney, Brett Anderson and Lake was represented by Provo defense attorney, Michael Petro. The two men are accused of embezzling nearly $800,000 from Lehi City between 2014 and 2019.

The two have been charged with 14 second degree felonies and one third-degree felony, including money laundering, communications fraud, theft, and tampering with a witness, according to court documents presented in Provo’s Fourth District Court.

Allred is accused of creating fake purchase orders for road salt and other road materials from Lake’s company, Vinco Enterprises, but the materials were never received by Lehi City. According to court documents obtained by the Lehi Free Press, “Allred was responsible for ordering these materials for Lehi City. During this time period, Lehi City paid $791,582 to the company owned by defendant Lake as payment on these invoices.”

Charging documents also stated, “All of the $791,582.00 paid to defendant Lake’s company by Lehi City between May 12, 2014, and July 25, 2019, was deposited into Vinco’s account. Defendant Lake and his wife are the only ones with access to that account. Of the well over $700,000 deposited from Lehi City, $502,000 was withdrawn in cash withdrawals during this period from Vinco’s account. During the relevant period, Defendant Allred made cash deposits to his bank account totaling approximately $140,000.00.”

Allred has also been charged with an additional felony for “tampering with a witness.” After Allred was aware of the City’s investigation, he contacted another Lehi City employee and “tried to get the other employee to say that the other employee had been verifying loads. The other employee had never verified any loads.” according to court documents.

The two are scheduled for their next court appearance on August 5 for a waiver hearing. The cousins will be read their charges unless they waive that process. The court appearance could include a plea but that is unlikely this early in the case. 

Additionally, Lake has since been arrested for assault on March 1, 2020 by the Cedar City police department at his home in Enoch, Utah according to court documents obtained by the Lehi Free Press. 


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