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City Council adopts new naming rights policy for City assets, hopes to raise funds for future projects



The Lehi City Council met on October 13 for a socially distanced meeting in the City Hall chambers with all members in attendance. The unusually short meeting lasted less than two hours and included an award presentation to Lehi Justice Court Judge Morgan Cummings and a few small development projects.

The most notable agenda item for the evening was the approval of a new “Naming Rights Policy” for City facilities. The policy has been under discussion and review for months after the City has explored creative ways to fund parks, sports facilities and recreation. 

The new policy presented by City Economic Development Director Marlin Eldred and unanimously approved by the City Council includes two different classifications for City assets, minor level, with a value of less than $500,000 and major level, with a value of $500,000 or more. 

Minor asset agreements will require approval from the Mayor or a designated administrator, while major asset agreements will require City Council approval. 

According to the written policy below, City assets will be divided into four different sponsorship opportunities:

Lehi City Amenity Donation Program: A sponsorship of a donated amenity or a monetary donation to purchase an amenity. In recognition of the donation, the City would include a recognition plate on the amenity donated. The recognition plate will be sized so it is visible at proximity to foot traffic. The recognition plate will be purchased and installed by the department for which the sponsorship is benefiting or being recognized. A recognition plate will be in place until the original item is no longer functional. No signage separate from the recognition plate on the donated amenity will be allowed. This applies to brick pavers, park amenities, etc.

Memorial Tree Sponsorship Program: A sponsorship of a donated tree or monetary donation to purchase a tree. In recognition of the donation, the City would place a granite marker of recognition on City property. The granite marker will be at ground level and will be visible at proximity to foot traffic. No signage separate from the granite marker will be allowed. The recognition marker will be in place until it is no longer readable/functional.


Site-Specific Event Sponsorship: A business, local merchant or local branch of a corporation sponsors a time-limited event or program at a City facility. The sponsorship will be a [donation for a] percentage of estimated costs and will vary by event. This type of sponsorship includes marketing materials and advertising signage at the event and will remain for the duration of the event (city sign ordinance applies). Examples include: Round-up BBQ, Easter Egg Hunt, Reindeer Find, etc.

Fixed-Term Sponsorship/Naming Right: A sponsorship agreement (for a significant contribution) that includes the naming display in recognition of the corporate sponsor of an item, facility, or portion of a facility for a predetermined period of time (city sign ordinance applies). Examples include aquatics facility, new building, athletic fields, field fence advertising, and scoreboards.

The naming rights policy also includes minimum quality standards and a list of prohibited naming partnerships potentially derogatory or that detract from positively impacting city assets. 

The new naming rights policy is intended to create a uniform process and includes a formal application for prospective sponsors. 

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