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Lehi City launches one-stop website to engage residents



One of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the disconnection from community. In Lehi, that has meant less public input at Planning Commission and City Council meetings, no traditional city celebrations, and isolated citizens. To keep residents involved and in the loop, Lehi City staff has created

The new website explains, “Engage Lehi is a way to stay informed on what is happening in the City. It also allows you to participate in the political process and have your voice heard.” 

Unlike the City’s Facebook page and City Website, Engage Lehi is divided by topics of most significant concern to citizens based on past and present comments. Residents can weigh in on parking in Lehi, ask what fact or fiction is about city properties and developments, projects under construction, affordable housing and transit-oriented developments. 

Questions and comments entered on Engage Lehi go directly to the source, whether it’s a member of the Lehi City Planning staff, the Planning Commission, the City Council or the Mayor. Residents may leave official comments on Planning Commission items as well.

Registered members on Engage Lehi have asked about Micron being sold, what is happening with the old Trafalga property, a fiber-optic broadband network in Lehi, Mayor Johnson’s cooking abilities and development of the golf course at Thanksgiving Point. Answers are published on the website quickly, complete with links to more information in some cases.  

“As one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, Lehi is constantly changing, creating a huge opportunity for community involvement with fast results. We want you to join the conversation about Lehi’s future,” explains City staff on Engage Lehi.

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